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On a Tequila Trail in Guadalajara, Mexico

I have spent many an evening swinging back tequila shots with lime and salt. But my writing about alcohol took me to the exact focal point of the existence of this drink. I take you around Mexico in a tequila trail to discover the rich cultural heritage behind the...

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Munnar, Kerala: Tea Trail

We undertake a trip to the tea estates of Munnar also known as the ‘summer resort’ of south India nestled amidst the picturesque Western Ghats, to dig up a treasure trove on one of the world’s most loved beverages. India runs on tea. But for a country whose daily...

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Enchanting Mumbai: Six Top Places To See

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. The financial capital of India buzzes ceaselessly through the day as people chase their dream. But even within this bustling metropolis, there are some tourist hotspots that you simply must visit. The Gateway of India The Gateway of...

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5 Rare Destinations you must visit

Although the world seems to have shortened in size with all the wanderlust all around, we decide to bring about some of the rarest places to visit on Earth. This post will have places which do not have a ton of tourist traffic throughout the year, either due to...

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5 Activities in Indonesia that you must Do!

Indonesia is a treasure trove of culture. On my last visit to this beautiful country, I experienced this diverse culture through a plethora of activities in Indonesia. Starting from inspiring dance forms with the locals, to trying out the exquisite cuisine and taking...

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Glenmorangie Distillery Tour

People might say that whisky can be enjoyed only with friends. I on the other hand am a firm believer that Single Malt Scotch Whisky is best enjoyed at its origin, in Scotland. We take a trip down the famous Glenmorangie distillery. How to get to the Glenmorangie...

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Where to Go on a Holiday without Compromising on Luxury

Looking for the perfect destination to have a luxurious getaway? If you’re not sure where to go, keep on reading and we’ll share with you some of the most luxurious destinations that are worth checking out. The Maldives   For a piece of tropical paradise, The Maldives...

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15 Best Meals Around the World

Food is something that is a major part of our wanderlust. Although we love to travel, but one of our major parts of the itinerary is spent finding the best meals in the particular city. With so many of our travel blogger friends, we have collated a list on best meals...

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