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South Korea – Let’s Go Glocal

Korea is an enchanted land that offers a plethora of destinations to everyone. From the super modern architecture of the buildings to the rustic food of Korea including the bowl meals of the tube stations, we have made a bucket list of places that you should...

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Ayurvedic Experiences: Carmelia Havens Plantations & Spa

True to every letter of its name, Carmelia Haven-Plantation Resort And Spa has access to all the nature’s splendor charm amidst the luscious greens of the tea and cardamom plantations. Situated close to a village of Vandanedu near Thekkady. When in Kerala, taking an...

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Khajuraho Temple: Photo Tour

This year marks the fourth year of MPTM (Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart). Madhya Pradesh Tourism concluded the three days Travel Mart in Bhopal on 29th October 2017. The 4th MPTM projects the state as the “MUST EXPLORE DESTINATION” of Incredible India and SALT AND SANDALS...

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How To Prepare For Travelling After Retirement

Retirement provides many with the opportunity to fulfil dreams and have experiences that they were unable to fulfil while managing a busy work life. With the extra time and finances that they have when they retire, many retirees choose to travel the world and see new...

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Pinang Pernakan Mansion, Penang, Malaysia: Photo Feature

I have forever been in love with heritage buildings. On my recent trip to Penang, I was able to take a closer look at the Pinang Pernakan Mansion and absolutely fell in love with it. This beautiful mansion of Penang is an architectural behemoth belonging to a group of...

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Top romantic things to do in Manali

To experience the unknown and to get a feel of things beyond the ordinary, getting out of your comfort zone is a must. The experience of exploring different and widely exotic destinations not only widens your horizon but also opens up your world to a whole slew of new...

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Explore fun filled packages at resorts around Bangalore

After holidays and weekends its festivals that are appearing to be next entertaining option. Presently, with pollution and excessive rains in different parts of the country people are looking for some place where they can enjoy during festivals. As crackers were...

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Where To Stay? In Penang, Malaysia

My second trip to Malaysia this year and we were headed to the beautiful city of Penang. Modest mountains overlooking the sea, beautiful skyscraper buildings, ship docks by the island, a countryside full of history and its vibrant people bursting with culture makes...

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