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How to safeguard your house while traveling?

Me and my wife Snigdha run a successful travel blog, due to which we travel quite often. My parents also have a penchant for travelling along with us resulting in an empty house most of the time. With petty crime rates quite high in my city, it is absolutely essential...

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5 interesting facts about wildlife in Africa

Did you know that Africa has over 1000 different species of mammals? When you go on safari with Viva Africa Tours, you are bound to see some of the most amazing wildlife of Tanzania. The country offers a vast range of safaris and a variety of wildlife, attracting...

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Experiencing French Gastronomy at IFCC Gala Dinner

Exploring French Gastronomy French Gastronomy is one cuisine that has had me fawning over it ever since the first time I tried it out. The simplicity of the flavours that adorn the palate along with the elaborate techniques is the reason that I enjoy this cuisine so...

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6 holidays you must try out

Travelling holds a whole new meaning in today's world. With everyone trying to outdo each other's vacation, curated holidays which focus on a specific theme have become the norm of today. We tell you about six curated holidays that will have you hooked.  An adventure...

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