Today’s modern city life is stressful. The corporate culture is slowly but steadily sucking the life blood out of you. The advent of technology has led to an increase in an unhealthy lifestyle. 4In the midst of all this, take some time out for yourself. The Zehen Day spa offers you a perfect opportunity to sit back and rejuvenate. This award winning day spa rejuvenates you thoroughly, allowing you to jump back into the daily grind. Located in the Manor Hotel, the spa is an oasis of calm in this city. One of  parts of the Zehen spa is how it seamlessly brings the best of International treatments with Ayurveda without any overlap.

Where’s What?

The spa houses the whole range of wellness regimes starting from the three International therapy rooms on the ground floor with a dining room that hosts a wellness meal cooked by the team from Indian Accent itself. The change rooms are majestic with number coded lockers taking out the need for a key to dangle off you. The first floor houses a top of the line Salon by and a gym under the aegis of . But the most endearing fact is the presence of a room for group activities along with a schedule that runs monthly. 6A small hydrotherapy suite attached to the changing rooms allows for water aerobics along with other activities. The top floor boasts of 4 Ayurveda therapy rooms replete with the wooden bed and steam chamber.


The theory of Ayurveda understands the five elements as the root cause of existence, a metaphysics common to all ancient cultures. The five elements appear in different combinations in each of us and form our unique individuality. They work in combination to form the tri-dosha system, including; Vata Dosha, representing ether and air; Pita Dosha representing fire and water; and Kapha Dosha, representing water and earth. Your Ayurvedic doctor acts as a guide to help you bring about more of the elements you lack by restructuring your lifestyle. 5Every course of Ayurvedic treatment begins with an in-depth personal examination, or Prakruti analysis, to identify the exact balance of elements ruling your body and mind. Book yourself in for one of their most invigorating massage therapies, the Abhyangam (INR 4200) and the Sirodhara (INR 4500).

International Therapy

We try out one of their signature International therapies, The Zehen Massage (INR 3700). My therapist guides me the international therapy suite. Divided into four parts, the suite boasts of two single rooms, a couple therapy room, a Bemer therapy room and a waiting area. Sip of a cup of green tea as your therapist sets up your experience.

This is followed by a 60-minute session of massage to loosen tightened up muscles and eke out sore nerves. Using aromatic oils of your liking namely Sandalwood and Jasmine, your therapist will ease out the suffering muscles all over the body.8 Starting off with the back and covering the whole of your body, it’s the massage of your peripheries like the foot and the hand that will send shivers across your spine. Incorporating elements of Balinese massage, the massage will put life back into even the most tired of individuals. The long strokes also work like a balm to the aching back as it springs free from the load.

The wellness food

Finish off the treatment with few minutes in the steam room to sweat out your toxins and a shower to feel all prim and content. Follow it up with a meal prepared by Chef Mehrotra’s team. A cold pressed juice is perfect to start things up. The Thai Pomelo and Chicken salad is perfect to start things off.9 We follow it up with a Chicken Tikka Uttapam and Chicken Quinoa Biryani with a Wasabi Cucumber Raita. The interplay of ingredients to create something new is something that Chef Mehrotra’s team does to perfection. Flavours which explode on the palate while dispelling the myth that healthy food is not tasty.

Do try out the Zehen Spa for a wholesome wellness experience. Tell us about your spa experiences in the comments below.

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