Sometimes, all we need is the some Vitamin Sea and what better place to experience it other than the Caribbean. Although there are a plethora of places to visit around the Caribbean Sea, the Turks and Caicos islands are the best place to relax and unwind. We tell you want all we did in this holiday of ours.

Now we and Snigdha are both big lovers of beaches and nothing can stop us from enjoying them. Although we have visited quite a few beaches all over the world but nothing compares to checking out a beach on a horseback. The only time I had seen it earlier was in the movie Casino Royale as Caterina Murino takes to the beach in a green bikini. The Caicos Corral took us out from our Turks and Caicos villas on horseback. The beach at Providenciales is a pristine one without the interference of outside world. The clean white sands are a marvel against the backdrop of the turquoise blue waters. They guide even allowed us to take the horses into the water. For nearly four hours, we explored the beaches before coming back to our hotel for dinner.

Image Credits: Caicos Corral

The Conch Farm

The Conch farm is something that is truly unique to visit. This one of a kind farm allows you to growth of a Caribbean Queen Conch from collection of the egg mass through hatching, grow-out and harvesting as an adult. The 30 minute tour begins with a brief biology lesson and a description of the technology and methods developed at the Conch farm during the past 29 years for the process of cultivating the Caribbean Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) from the hatching of eggs through metamorphosis and the post-larval stages of life. Visiting guests can see and touch one or more of the many thousands of Caribbean Queen Conch growing in the Farm’s ponds on-shore.

Image Credits: Caicos Conch Farm

Snorkeling and Fishing

No trip to Caribbean will be done without the activities of the Sea. Our first activity was to do snorkeling. This guides we hired took us to no less than three top quality reefs near the island. Snorkeling with the abundant undersea wildlife is one of the exhilarating moments you’ll have in your life. Our Captain chose the best locations based on the weather and tides and got us away from the typical “tourist” locations for something special. After a light lunch of fried squid and crabs along with some rice, we were ready for our next activity.

Image Credits: Blue Whale Excursions

Little Cay Island, Turks and Caicos

By far the easiest way to catch a fish is bottom fishing. One of the most easiest ways to catch fish, our captain dropped anchor in the middle of the vast blue Caribbean Sea and taught us the basics of how to catch fish. Fifteen minutes into the drill, Snigdha had caught up with two while my count remained a pathetic zero. Instead of planning to take the fish back to the hotel to be eaten, we decided to release the fish back to their homes. We eat enough fish at home anyways. The last part of our trip involved the Iguana Island. Also known as Little Cay Island, this island is the perfect place to observe this majestic creature. These friendly creatures seem happy to be photographed and observed. There is a nature trail and guided tours which will give you first hand experience with these creatures and their island. We were also planning to do some deep sea fishing but decided against it with night approaching fast.

Our trip to the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean was an unforgettable journey. Tell us if you have visited Turks and Caicos and what you enjoyed the most here.

Featured pic credits: Turks and Caicos Tourism

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