India is a nation of whiskey drinkers and we have got a fondness for that glass along with soda and a plate of chicken tikkas. But slowly, a wind of change is coming over as Indians are beginning to enjoy their dram more and more. The initiation of every Indian male with whiskey is probably during their college days or the last days of bachelorhood. Just like my brothers, my whiskey drinking days started off without enjoying the drink. But as I matured, my taste changed and I started to enjoy my tipple. One of the whiskies that essentially helped with this transformation was Jack Daniels with its complex array of flavours and taste. So, here is a newbie guide to start enjoying whiskey responsibly the moment your age crosses 25.

Start falling in love with your whiskey with Jack Daniel’s 150 years celebration

What is Whiskey?

Whiskey is basically made of 3 ingredients. Sugar, distilled water and yeast. Born in Scotland, the land of bagpipes and men wearing kilts, it gained popularity when crops of Europe got destroyed leading to an absence of wine and rum. It moved to the Americas during the colonization period and became immensely popular. Due to an abundance of good quality corn in the Midwest of America, it became the primary source of sugar for the whiskey instead of the malted barley. The liquid produced from fermentation of the mash from the malted barley is essentially clear in origin. So, all that colour and taste comes from the barrels they mature in. Jack Daniels is one of the oldest of American whiskeys and the only major distiller in the world, which still produces its own barrels. This year, they are celebrating 150 years of their distillery in Lynchburg.

Start falling in love with your whiskey with Jack Daniel’s 150 years celebration


What is maturation?

Maturation is the process of giving the whiskey its characteristic taste and colour after spending a certain amount of time in oak barrels. One of the most characteristics of American whiskey is that it uses new oak barrels which are then shipped across the Atlantic for maturation of Scotch, wine and rum. With the high temperatures in America, the whiskey matures much faster thus giving it rich flavours within 4-6 years instead of a minimum of 10 years required for a Scotch

What is the difference between Bourbon and a Tennessee whiskey?

Now, there are some exact specifications for a whiskey to be called Bourbon or more specifically a Tennessee Whiskey. Bourbon is made with at least 51% corn and is matured in new oak barrels while Tennessee whiskey additionally requires Tennessee origin and maple charcoal filtering. The 150 years of Jack Daniel’s has seen it evolve into a plethora of flavours which take the taste profile even a bit further.

Start falling in love with your whiskey with Jack Daniel’s 150 years celebration


How to appreciate a whiskey?

There are some rules that will give you an exemplary tasting experience.

  • Do not taste your whiskey in a flat bottom glass. Try to use a snifter or a champagne flute to give you the perfect olfactory experience.
  • Do not use a plethora of soda or ice to consume your whiskey. It totally changes the taste of the whiskey.
  • Colour: See the liquid against the light to fall in love with the beautiful golden colour. It may vary and that is what starts off your experience.
  • Sniff: Swirl the whiskey around in your glass and sniff. You will get the stiff smell of the alcohol but there will be some smells that you may notice of some fruits and spices. You will find notes of spice and nuts in the Jack Daniel’s.
  • Sip: Sip a small amount of the dram and let the flavours hit you. You will notice some sweetness and some spice. It is full bodied along with some well-balanced notes of fruitiness and soft smokiness
  • Swirl: Swirl the liquid around on your palate so that it can coat all your taste buds. You might notice some butteriness along with notes of vanilla. It is characteristic of the oak barrels. Draw in some air with pursed lips to find if it can find a few more characteristics.
  • Finish: You can now swallow it and understand whether the flavours stay for long or not. The Jack Daniel’s ends with notes of sweetness and oak.
  • You can add a few drops of water to open it up for some new flavours. But remember, just a few drops.

Start falling in love with your whiskey with Jack Daniel’s 150 years celebration

Why Jack Daniel’s?

They say that when you drink Jack Daniel’s, you don’t only taste the whiskey. You taste the clear iron free water from the caves of Lynchburg along with the hard work of the men and women who have toiled for 150 years.  And to celebrate all the stories they’ve created over the past 150 years, they’re collecting a few. To see what it’s all about, check out now!

Do let us know about your favorite whiskey and we will review it on the blog. Do comment below to let us know about your experience with the Jack Daniel’s No. 7 whiskey

We at Salt and Sandals and Jack Daniel’s implore you to drink responsibly above the age of 25. The pictures are copyrighted property of Jack Daniel’s and have been used for promotional purposes to celebrate 150 years of Jack Daniel’s.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s promotes Responsible Drinking. 

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