As one roams the streets of Satya Niketan with a hungry stomach but your heart wants a caffeine high and right then you come across this beautiful place which looks so inviting that you are lured right inside. Sounds dreamy right! Espress-o-Ville in Satya Niketan is a startup journey of two friends who share a common love for good coffee (hence the name) and good food. The outdoor area which is made to look like a patio is like a salve to your senses. The interiors are equally beautiful and vibrant with some quirky coffee quotes, a bookshelf and comfortable seating. The aroma of the food and the coffee instantly uplifts your mood. The relaxing ambience lets you enjoy your favourite book with your favourite brew. One cannot help but be impressed with the large collection of books with a suitable number in each genre. The bookshelf also has cute posters and coffee beans decoration in the centre shelf.


One can watch the food being freshly prepared in an open pantry. They also have a white board which can be used by anyone who wants to conducts meetings or discussions.

Open Pantry

Apart from burgers, pasta has also become the customary fast food item that people prefer. Penne pasta Arrabiata was the first dish served to us. Absolutely loved the thick, creamy texture of the sauce sprinkled abundantly with cheese powder. The chicken chunks were soft and moist and were adding a beautiful texture to the dish. Ratatouille Risotto (Italian rice dish cooked with yellow and red capsicum, Zucchini, broccoli, eggplant, cherry tomatoes to a creamy consistency; served with garlic bread) is another filling option.

Next was vegetarian Grilled Mediterranean Sandwich layered with sautéed mushroom, bell pepper, lettuce, parsley, crushed pepper with melted cheese. Served along with fries, two mayo dips and ketchup. A refreshing eat on a warm summer day which is also easy on the stomach. Espress-o-spritzer is an EOV special espresso mocktail with a mixture of strawberry syrup, watermelon syrup, soda and of course espresso, which was poured right in front of our eyes. The resultant exhibiting such vibrant hues. Very innovative idea and highly recommended.


After this wonderful experimental drink, we had Jalapenos Hipster. The experience was like drinking a jalapeno pizza. This drink can be tried for its unique taste. We were completely blown away by the EOV special Tiramisu caramel shake. Inspired by the classic Italian dessert and fused with caramel, it was completely droolworthy. In summers, comfort comes in the form of cool drinks and even better when there’s coffee involved.

Tiramisu caramel shake

We were trying to lay hands on all the coffee drinks available. The effect of sitting in a lovely coffee shrine and forgetting to eat. Next we tried the Café Frappe (Irish). Very unlike normal coffee, this creamy delight with the distinctive taste of Irish Cream can be enjoyed at any time of the day. You can also choose between Tiramisu, Gingerbread, Hazelnut or caramel.

Irish Frappe

While sipping the Ethiopian International Blend, we were transported to the lush green cocoa plantations in Africa. Ethiopia is said to be the birthplace of coffee and EOV lets you enjoy its unique strong taste well within reach. Decorated with latte art, we couldn’t seem to get enough of it. We also tried the Ginger Bread hot chocolate which is traditionally a drink for winters but had the same soothing effect on us even in summers.

If you are a bibliophile or a coffee lover or love to play indoor games; there are many reasons to visit Espress-o-Ville.


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