It is no secret that just a couple of years back no one liked to visit C.P area reason being the semi dug roads, exposed cables and the unclean pavements which added to the chaos. Since the facelift, the young crowd is returning and the reason the area is receiving attention is because of the nightlife as a plethora of  bistros, clubs, chic eateries and bars have come up within a very short span of time. Some of them have just been doing well because of the concept, the brand, the grandeur ambiance and a lot of publicity. The focus on food and beverage is almost minimal. However there are a few exceptions like this new British inspired gastropub which is just a few days old, but is doing very well as the management has kept food and beverage on top of the priority list.

House of commons is located conveniently on the outer circle C.P with a few big brands like Cafe Dalal Street, Indian Grill Company and Garam Dharam dhaba te theka in the vicinity. The name has been taken from the British parliament, so the décor is inspired from the old world charm of the English era. Dim lighting with Edison bulbs, bricked walls, red upholstered sofas and wooden panels give that subtle and comfortable effect to the ambiance of the place. An attached open balcony gives a terrific view of the C.P skyline.


A balance has been kept in mind while curating the food and beverage menu which boasts to have the best of world cuisine. Pan Indian, Italian, Chinese, continental, everything is included to suit all tastes and preferences. The beverage menu too has a few electrifying signature cocktails with an array of premium brands of wines and liquors from around the world. The signature cocktails of HOC are a must try and are very innovatively concoted. THE DECONSTRUCTED SEX ON THE BEACH is served with orange juice converted in ice cubes with measures of vodka, cranberry juice and peach caviar separately served in a mini decanter. The sangria lovers should try THE HOC PIMMS CUP, which is a combination of gin, white wine, triple sec and is loaded with diced fruits. SILLY BROWN COW is a unique cocktail which is highly recommended. Rum, coke and chocolate ice cream are assembled to make this outstanding drink and is something you might not find elsewhere. It should be mentioned that none of the above cocktails were too strong in terms of alcohol content and had perfect flavours of all the ingredients used.



The food at HOC is an amalgamation of great taste, excellent portion sizes and picture perfect presentations. We tried the BHATTI DA KUKKAD which was filled with robust Indian flavours and was super succulent at the same time. The crispy PALAK PATTA CHAAT topped with curd and sweet jaggery chutney is a delicious street food preparation which also should not be missed. Delicious MEXICAN TACOS are filled with sour cream, guacamole and freshly prepared salsa, accompanied with haricot bean gravy and Mexican rice which also was relished. THE JUICY LUCY LAMB BURGER is something which will pull you back to the House of Commons. The size is enormous, and it is perfectly assembled with   saucy lamb patty topped with a fried egg.  We went in with the chef’s recommended dessert, TIRAMISSU, presented chilled in a glass jar with smoke from dry ice oozing out of the base.  It had the right amount of bitterness and sweetness, just a perfect ending to our meal.

To above all add the genuine warmth of the courteous servers who help us made the right choices from the menu.  House of commons is a great platform for budding musicians and stand up comedians, which one may love being an audience to, and it is also a place where one would love to cheer their favourite teams while watching the live sporting events from the large projector screen.  The place stands out as a great mash up of hip and happening atmosphere with admirable food and beverage.


Must try:  The signature cocktails

Bhatti ad kukkad

Lucy juicy lamb burger


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