When you need the extraordinary or explore the unexplored, this is your heaven. Nubra Valley is located in the Northern region of Ladakh. It is one of the most essential parts of your first visit to the Ladakh. Nubra is an enchanting locale with its dramatic landscapes, humongous mountain confronts, lush green patches, barren white  sand dunes and Shayok river streaming midst the valley that will blow your mind at first sight.

Nubra Valley

Mornings At Nubra Valley

The easiest way to Nubra Valley from Leh is via the Khardungla pass – Diskit – Hunder. You can reach in about 6-7 hours relying upon the number of breaks you take in between.

First Stop: KhardungLa Pass

The major fascination of a trip to Nubra Valley is going over the highest motorable road, KhardungLa Pass at 18,379ft. It is a great stop for taking pictures and selfies worthy of bragging rights. Make an effort not to stay over 20 minutes at KhardungLa as you will begin to be hit with Acute Mountain Sickness. Such rapid ascent to such heights can cause it. Do plan to sleep at a lower altitude a night before.

Ladakh in Winters

The road on the descent from KhardungLa towards Nubra is in an awful condition. There are no tar roads and for an initial couple of kilometers, only a dirt road brimming with puddles keeps you company.

Nubra Valley

The clouds Casting A shadow on The Shayok River In Nubra

Once you reach Pallu, you can make a stop in case you are hungry. You will have a few experiences with eager bikers up and down the course.

Second Stop: Khardung Village

After Pallu is the scenic Khardung Village. This speedy road stop is an unforgettable one. The beauty of this picturesque village will make you apply brakes to take photographs several times.

The Bright sunny rays piercing from the clouds on the luscious green valley beneath.

The Bright sunny rays piercing through the clouds on the luscious green valley beneath.

The spread of little green fields in the midst of the barren snow topped desert mountains is stunningly yearning.

Third Stop: Diskit

It is a well established settlement which is home to an ancient Diskit Gompa. It is believed to be no less than 600 yrs old. You will have to leave your vehicle and trek for about half an hour to the hilltop where the Gompa is found. Diskit has monasteries with tallest lord Buddha statue that can be seen from around the village beneath .

Nubra Valley

Cliff Top,Diskit Gompa

With its modest bunch of visitor houses and accessibility of pay telephones, you can plan a stay at Diskit .

Fourth Stop: Hunder

Not a long way  from Diskit is Hunder best known for its photographic safaris. You can explore the magnificent  village of Hunder famous for its white sand dunes. This is also where you’ll get to see the famed Doubled–Humped Camels. You might be able to spot the celebrated Bactrian Camel which are remnants of the old silk route.

Nubra Valley

Camel Rides at Hunder

This was the route where caravans of merchants and traders once commanded the landscape. Unlike the regular camels, this one has two humps on its backs. You can even get a ride on this camel at Hunder if you are willing to pay. If you’re planning to visit Ladakh soon, check out Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

For the Magical inclined, if the above isn’t is enough for you wait for our next post on Pangong Lake.


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