Guppy by ai’s new Sunday table brunch menu is here and it is resplendent with hot, spicy Japanese flavours. Chef Vikram Khatri agains uses his genius to figure out a selection of items that is full of flavours yet light on the stomach. The filling Brunch is priced at INR 1475++(without alcohol) and INR 1950++(with alcohol).

We start off with a Miso Soup and a Mushroom Suimono soup. The mushroom soup exudes its typical earthiness whereas the Miso Soup with tofu, wakame and seasonal vegetables gives off a smooth texture with a warm feeling inside with a beautiful aroma akin to that of the fried fish oil that Bengalis love so much. We pair it up with a cocktail made with Gari which gives a refreshing sweet, acidic yet citrusy flavour.

The Cold Appetisers include a plateful of beauty. A cold spinach gomae and the potato salad include the vegetarian options but it’s the flavourful non vegetarian creations that blow your mind away. The Salmon Tataki and  the rolled Japanese omelette present a multitude of tastes while the silky Tofu just glides down.

Guppy by ai, Lodhi Road

Platterfull of awesomeness rolls down now. The servers come up with platter fulls of Okonomiyaki, Buns and Sushi. The Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake with the traditional Guppy pulled pork which exudes a warm sweet flavour combining like a dream against the sharp rancidity of the mustard. The Mushroom Steamed Buns are perfectly soft with a mild hint of sour. But it’s Chef Khatri’s black rice Sushi that takes honours on the day. The grilled sweet potato is a revelation with the sweetness embracing the char grill taste.

Guppy by ai, Lodhi Road

The mains include a warm chicken Casserole cooked in Karashi Mustard with Garlic Rice and Mushroom Udon Noodles. The combination of garlic and the mustard is what will make us coming back again and again.

Well, you might just have desserts, but let’s differ this time by finishing off with some warm cocktails. The Warm Whisky Cocktail with the bitterness of coffee and cream and the warm Vodka with spices in it are perfect cocktails for the coming chilly winters.

Guppy by ai’s Sunday Table Brunch is a must try these chilly winters.










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