Hong Kong is one of the most awesome places to be during the new year. Although lot’s of people consider it for shopping purposes, we are suckers for the food of Hong Kong. The bustling street food culture that exists in Hong Kong is similar to that in India. With flavours derived from the Chinese mainland, the end result is a lot of changes that are specially adapted to the Indian palate. We tell you some of the dishes that you must try out while visiting Hong Kong.

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Your guide to Hong Kong foodHotpots and Claypots

These one pot meals are godsend for the backpacker. But that doesn’t exclude them from fine dining as well. The Hotpot usually is a soup that has been put to boil over a stove. Diners sitting around dip their favourite meats in the soup until cooked. It is followed by dipping in the sauces you like before polishing it up. The claypots are made up of rice in the center which is crisped at the sides. Vegetables and meats are added to it which adds on the juices.

Your guide to Hong Kong foodCongee

This boiled rice porridge is one of the most nutritious meals that you will ever find. With vegetables and meats being infused into it, the flavours get infused slowly into the porridge. It can either be sea food based as in the Chiu Chow style or meats as in the Cantonese style.

Your guide to Hong Kong foodRice Noodles

If you haven’t had the famous rice noodles of Hong Kong, your trip isn’t complete. The stir fried noodles are the best way to try out this omnipresent carbohydrate. The Bamboo pressed noodles which are lashed with a bit of duck eggs are the premier quality. Try it out with a plethora of toppings to give you the taste you love the most.

Your guide to Hong Kong foodPoon Choi

If you’re a lover of all meats possible, I suggest you try out the Poon Choi. A large amount of ingredients including chicken, duck, seafood, beef, pork, mushrooms, Chinese radish and tofu is layered in upto 9 to 13 layers to create a dish which feeds multiple people. We tried it out and loved the plethora of flavours along with the layering of them.

Your guide to Hong Kong foodWife Cake

Originated from the Guangdong valley, this sweet winter melon filled bun is the perfect dessert to finish off a decadent meal from Hong Kong. They can be found in city bakeries all over the country.

Do tell us your experience of Hong Kong food and tell us what we should include in our list?

All photographs are courtesy of Discover Hong Kong

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