Christmas is just round the corner.  To celebrate the festivity, M lounge is ready with finger licking sweets and savories. The moment you enter the property, the aromas of the bakery arrests you and leads you to the display section. Executive Chef V Bharathan has crafted delectable delicacies for this occasion specially which can be enjoyed as well as gifted. The history of giving presents at Christmas is as old as Christmas itself and M Lounge continues the tradition with innovative and creative new options. Pick your favorite Christmas cake to Plum cake to Theme cake to Ginger Breads & Cookies to Christmas Doughnuts to Chocolate Rum Ball to many more sinful bakeries.


M Lounge Patisserie under Mosaic Hotels offers delicacies which are easy to store and have a long shelf life of upto a month. The breads are designed in such a way that they have a greater utility than the regular breads. The most attractive in the offerings is the ‘Cheetah or Leopard Bread’. Going by the name, it resembles the spots on a leopard’s body. This innovative creation is a mixture of White & Brown breads ingredients cost Rs. 150. Playing with the personal favourite of many kids, the jam bread combination, Chef has combined the two and the combination can be packed easily to be sent off in lunchboxes. The other offerings are Multi-grain bread for the health conscious and the super fluffy Marble bread. The multi- grain bread costs Rs. 150 whereas the other variants cost Rs.125.

Chimney Cake

Special creation for this winter is the Chimney cake which is filled with chocolates & cookies and has artificial lights inside for the added bling. On one hand it looks appealing and on the other hand, it is full of flavors. Chimney cake body is made of croissant dough and costs between Rs. 275 to Rs. 475 according to various shapes and flavors. This edible chimney cake can definitely add lot more vibrancy to the Christmas Decorations when kept alongside the Christmas tree or a gingerbread house and will be the centre of attraction at gatherings. Also, your Christmas gift can stand out if you opt for a chimney cake.

All elements related to Christmas are creatively featured on the bakery items. There are reindeers shaped doughnuts, pine and turkey doughnuts, Christmas trees with chocolates forming the stem, gingerbread man etc. These are priced between INR 70-80, per doughnut. Also there are log shaped cakes in vanilla and chocolate flavours. These are priced at INR 850 for 600 gms. Christmas delicacies are incomplete without the traditional rum cake and the Chef has taken a lot of care to design and decorate it differently considering those who wish to deviate from the same looking rum cakes available elsewhere. The prices of the cake vary with weight and variety and cost between Rs. 475- Rs. 925.

Log Cakes

Just to increase the fun of Christmas, Mosaic Hotels has extended the Happy Hours timings. Now you can get cakes in 50% discount from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. M Lounge is all set to welcome you and double the fun of your celebration mood.



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