There has been a flooding of milk based drinks in the market. With basic ingredients ranging from the regular cow milk to the soy milk, there are also a plethora of flavours from Butterscotch to Strawberry. Although I am a food blogger, I usually eat quite less at home to prolong my eating outside.  This leads to me being hungry specially around 12 Noon and 7 PM. I regularly consume these flavoured milk whenever I get my hunger pangs in between my meals. These are filling, nutritious and tasty. Although I have found a plethora of these options, I recently discovered a very unique milk product, Panchamrit Energy milk from Bidada foods.

What is Panchamrit?

Panchamrit is a simple recipe made in households since ancient times to offer as a drink to Gods. But in it goes bad if kept for more than a day and cannot be stored for longer hours due to the microbial reactions in the milk and curd. The different ingredients which make up Panchamrit are


Also known as Kesar is a very well-known herb for skin. It is proven to enhance the skin tone and make it healthier. It is not only good for skin but it also boosts one’s memory. There are many  health benefits of saffron:

    • It increases metabolism by increasing blood circulation and also helps to keep the heart healthy.
    • Saffron plays a vital role in smoothening the nerve function throughout the body.
    • It also helps to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, stress, and thus induce a peace of mind .


Also known as Elaichi not only takes care of your skin but also gives you healthy hair. In India, it is considered as queen of spices. It has a very strong aroma with rich nutrients and vitamins. Intake of cardamom in any form, either as it is or with tea or any other homemade syrup is very beneficial in treating digestion problems and respiratory issues. It is commonly used as breath freshener and thus used to fight tooth decay as well. It is also helpful in relieving from hoarseness.


Clove is also termed as ‘Devapuspa’ meaning ‘Heavenly Flower’ due to its exotic aroma and amazing healing advantages. Also known as Laung or Lavnga, it is used in many Ayurvedic treatments to deal with digestive problems, oral infections, toothache, sinusitis, arthritis, hiccups, vomiting, halitosis and improving blood circulation as well. According to the Ayurvedas our health revolves around Vatta, Pitta an Kapha energies. Clove augments the vatta and sooths the pitta and kapha. Its principle component called eugnol is responsible for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Known as Javitri, is the heart of vital nutrients and helps in treating many health conditions like insomnia, congestion, rheumatism, digestive problem, asthma, headache, jaundice and also works as an excellent tonic for the brain. It results in improved blood circulation and helps in reducing the joint pains. Be it a common cold, cough, throat infections, nasal disorders or any other respiratory problem – Mace is the answer to all your questions.

Basil Leaves

Basil is considered as the “queen of the herbs”. The sacred Tulsi leaves have their own medicinal properties and are proven medicines to treat many kinds of fevers include cure cough & cold, malaria, dengue. It boosts immunity naturally and is a great pain reliever. It also helps in treating respiratory problems and its antiseptic properties helps to heal the cuts and wounds as well. Basil leaves also helpful in the treatment of some major diseases like cardiac as it reduces blood cholesterol levels and thus help to control sugar level in blood. Even one can apply the leaves on eyes for treating common eye infections and any scar or marks on the skin.


Also known as Jayphal or Jatiphala in Ayurveda, it is believed to be a symbol of health, money, loyalty and luck. It is one of the best remedies to fight depression and anxiety and also used for treating fever, respiratory problems, headaches, sleep disorders and act as a tonic to the brain. Nutmeg also helps in cleansing the kidney while keeping the liver healthy.

Nutmeg is one of the most expensive products and is really good for muscle cramps and stiffness of joints. It also works as  a natural sleeping aid due to its soothing and relaxing element. It is really beneficial in treating kidney infections and stones.

Although I have listed so many health benefits as the reason you should try out this drink is because of its taste. It’s sweet with a hint of spices and the overwhelming aroma of honey. It is priced at INR 30 and comes enclosed in a hard plastic bottle with a silver foil cover.

So, whenever you’re feeling hungry, do try out the Panchamrit energy flavoured milk from your local store.

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