Tea is an essential part of the Indian economy. Without the frequent tea breaks in between, all work will come to a standstill. Now, Indians are in love with their milk heavy tea. But certain pockets in India are slowly but steadily picking up the nuances of green tea. Teabox launches TeaPac, which is going to change the tea industry with it’s innovation. The nitrogen flush packing ensure the tea is delivered to you without any exposure to it’s elements. The moment you open a packet, the aroma of the tea hits you. With a range of flavours tickling your taste buds from Chamomile to Fresh Mint, you will experience Green Tea in a never before experience. Flavours like the Kashmiri Kahwa hold the taste buds of the traditional lovers of this brewed concoction.


We delve into a few facts why Green Tea is so beneficial to you.

  1. Green Tea contains Bioactive compounds that improve health

Green tea is loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants. These substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells from damage. These free radicals are known to play a role in ageing and all sorts of diseases.

  1. Green Tea improves brain function

The key active ingredient in green tea is caffeine, which is a known stimulant. As it is in much lesser quantities than coffee, it does not produce any jittery effects on high consumption. It also contains another amino acid L-theanine. The synergistic effects of the two increases brain function.

  1. Increases fat burning

Green Tea has been shown to boost the Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) of individuals and burn fat.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

It is well known that oxidative damage is a major cause of cancer and that antioxidants reduce cancer. Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants, so it makes perfect sense that it could reduce your risk of cancer, which it appears to do. Meta-analyses have shown that Green tea causes significant reduction in Breast, Prostate and Colorectal cancer. Now, this is where an additional point comes in. Adding of milk to the green tea reduces it’s antioxidant activity.

  1. Protects your brain in old age, may prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

We have already talked about how green tea helps to increase brain activity and increase short-term performance. But Green Tea also helps in preventing Neurodegenerative disorders. Although the only evidence has been found in animal models, but long term green tea drinking has not shown any regressive effects in humans.

  1. Increase oral hygiene

The catechins in green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria and some viruses. This can lower the risk of infections and lead to improvements in dental health, a lower risk of caries and reduced bad breath.

  1. Reduces risk of Diabetes Mellitus type 2

Some controlled trials show that green tea can cause mild reductions in blood sugar levels. It may also lower the risk of developing type II diabetes in the long term.

  1. Reduces cardiovascular risk

Green Tea has been shown to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream. These are main components of cardiovascular diseases. So, green tea causes a decrease in heart disease and stroke, which are one of the biggest causes of death in the world.

You can order yourself a pack of TeaPack from Teabox here.

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