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I remember the entire buzz that was created after the revelation of Avengers getting adapted to big screen with all the big stars from Hollywood playing our bellowed fictional characters. I don’t see why someone won’t feel attracted by the idea of 6 fictional heroes sharing space in one film fighting off against all the dark forces. People loved watching the film on screen and that made the film as one of the top grossing films ever after Avatar and Titanic. All the heroes are now coming back once again to rock on the big screen and this time we are promised that it’s going to be bigger and better, well I can’t ignore that it seems as well. Here are top 5 reasons to watch Avengers Age of Ultron.

5. Scarlet Witch

scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch (Image Source:

Now this character has been seen in X-men Days of the future past but wasn’t highlighted as much as other characters were. Scarlet Witch if we follow the origin of the comic book is daughter of Magneto and twin sister of Quicksilver. She has got the power to alter realities in unspecific ways. What can be more amazing than seeing her on big screen? Well watching pretty Elizabeth Olsen portraying her role is what attracting many more to watch this film. It will be amazing to see her playing with the realities and altering them.

scarlet witch elizabeth

Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in Avengers Age of Ultron (Image Source:

4. Quicksilver

Quicksilver! (1)

Quicksilver (Image Source:

The best part of X Men days of the future past was Quicksilver according to me. We cannot forget the comic element when we saw him dodging through the bullets while listening to songs in his headphones. Wow! I still remember how much people clapped on that scene in the theatre. In the language of a nerd, Quicksilver is The flash of Marvel Universe. There have been debates taking place regarding who is still superior and trust me I won’t get to it now. Super speed and super reflexes are the abilities of Quicksilver. Guess who is playing the role? If you have seen another film adapted on a comic book, Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2 then you are well aware of Aaron Taylor Johnson who played the lead role in the film, will be portraying role as Quicksilver in The Age of Ultron. Let’s see what more is he going to do in the film. Zoooooommmmmmm!!


Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver in Age of Ultron (Image Source:

3. Vision


Vision (Image Souce:

Sir Who am I?

You’re an Avenger!

These lines are one of the most well known lines from the pages of the comic book. Following the origins from the pages of comic books, Vision is an Android created by the robot Ultron himself. Vision was created to turn against the creator of the Ultron (who in comic book is Dr Hank Pym, and in the film most probably will be Tony Stark). Later Vision is made realized that Ultron is the bad guy and he hence becomes the part of The Avengers. Vision has got the ability to discharge various destructive beams and he is charged by absorbing the solar heat. Let’s call him Cyclops to be in Avengers Age of Ultron. It will be nice to see the first Android to be the part of Avengers. Do not underestimate this android; trust me he surprises the readers in the comic books right at the moment when they start to take him lightly. Be prepared for surprises! Revealing who will be made into this Android will be a spoiler so watch out for it in theatres.

2. Ultron


Ultron (Image Source:

Yes, yes I know that he should be at the 1st rank as a reason to watch Age of Ultron but wait for the top reason to watch it for. By following the roots of the comic books, Ultron is a robot created by Dr. Hank Pym who is another hero ‘Ant Man’ and he is also getting his own independent film. But, coming back to the topic, in the film Tony Stark will be the creator of Ultron most probably. He is the comic books is the first Marvel character to possess the fictitious metal alloy ‘adamantium’. Abilities of Ultron includes superhuman levels of strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes; flight at subsonic speed; and various other abilities as well making him a worthy opponent of the Avengers. We can easily call him The Joker of Avengers franchise. Yes he is that well recognized and when it was revealed that Ultron will be featured in the next Avengers film then the fans all over the world went crazy except those who are not much into comic books but into movies as they weren’t much familiar with Ultron. But they now will (smirks) haha 😉

Our very best with the sarcastic smile James Spader from the Blacklist will be playing the role of Ultron. Oh yes undoubtedly he is going to pull the role off nicely.

ultron2 (1)

Ultron from The Avengers Age of Ultron (Image Source:

1. The Ironman Hulk Buster Suit/ Ironman Hulk Buster vs The Hulk


Iron Man Hulk Buster (Image Source:

The ideology behind creating the Hulk Buster suit is to take care of those situations where The Hulk goes out of his head. We cannot forget the scene from Avengers where he causes all the chaos in the S.H.E.I.L.D Airbase Starship. The best part would be to see Tony Stark wearing his Hulk Buster suit and facing off against The Hulk. Audience will be holding their breath and be kept to the edge of their seats during their face off. Yes, I find this one reason as the best to watch out for Avengers Age of Ultron.


Iron Man vs Hulk (Image Source:×520.png)

Besides all this there are rumors for the character of The Black Panther to be revealed in the Post Credits scene of the film. But no one can guarantee this right now for sure, so getting him mentioned as one of the reasons to watch Avengers Age of Ultron was not appropriate for now. The film will be getting released on 24th April in cinemas near you. Let’s see how much chaos and destruction is caused now by our heroes on the big screen. Yes we all cannot ignore the fact that all of us are having high hopes from this one. Marvel studios have most of the time leveled up to our expectations, be it ‘Captian America The Winter Soldier’, and also have surprised us by creating masterpiece like ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’. Fingers are crossed by all the viewers and let’s see how this film is going to turn out to be.

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