After long months of winter when the snow starts to melt and the first flowers begin to show up you know its springtime. Falling somewhere between as early as February after Easter and May, springs in Trøndelag Norway are full of glorious sunny days with temperatures well into the 20’s.

Freshwater fishing in Trøndelag Trondelag, Norway

Trøndelag offers thousands of fishable lakes. It is an unbelievable scope for deep-sea fishing, fjord fishing, freshwater fishing and salmon fishing. One can find excellent spots for fishing all along the coast of Trøndelag. One has the option to either hire a boat or can take a guided tour with the local guide. Those seeking a quick fishing trip and those wishing to spend their springs relaxing in the peace and quiet of the mountains, Trondelag is the place to be.

Go Kayaking in  TrøndelagTrondelag, Norway

Cruising is always a fun wrapped in luxury. But if one wants to get very up close and personal with the still and profound Norwegian fjords or the big wide out of control coastline of Trøndelag, kayaks or canoes are the best choices. With waters being slight cold and the gentle warming of the sun, Kayaking is most favorable in springs. One can simply weave their way in kayaks, through the shallow waters between islands and explore in and around the beautiful coastline. One can also spot camps all along the course for you to stop, eat and enjoy springs of Norway.

Take a Bike Ride in TrøndelagTrondelag, Norway

For the adventurous ones, bicycling would be an ideal way for the wonderful experiences by the coast of Trøndelag. Enjoy the pristine beauty of the landscape, the scents just by bicycling around the coastline. Take a bike ride up the valley, crossing the little mountain passes and down again the valley enjoying the view over the ocean. Between them, there are vast areas of untouched nature waiting to be explored. Go for a cave exploration in the limestone caves. You might spot a few cave paintings too on your way up in the mountains. Here, all the islands are linked by bridges, which allow you to cycle around mindlessly in the flat cultural landscape.

Whale, Seals Safari in TrøndelagTrondelag, Norway

Take a safari and get close to witness the incredible wildlife of Trøndelag. This coast in Norway is a superb place to observe sea eagles, seals and whales. There are guided whale watching tours by the coastline. While you take a boat ride into the waters, you might spot eagles on the air masses with old fishing villages and bird colonies resided along the coast. Safaris becomes a must try during springs.

Culinary adventure in  Trøndelag Trondelag, Norway

Enjoy the goodies from the ocean. Go in for a culinary journey at the coast of Trøndelag, where you can taste the sensations from dishes based on salmon, crab, crayfish, scallops and shellfish. Sitting by the coast side with a cold beer in hand, while you take in the smell of the sea and newly mown grass. This is the best way to wind up your springtime journey in Trøndelag.

Image Credits: Visit Norway

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