Waffles are one of my all time favourite. But making them at home is one of the toughest job ever. Buying a brand new waffle machine used to be the only way out. But the waffle maker came with its own set of complications. It was big and bulky and could not be transported from one place to another. So I decided to try out these new silicone moulds from Tupperware. I’ll tell you the reasons you should try them out

Size and Bulk

One of the premier features of the these waffle mould is their super light weight. The traditional waffle maker is pretty bulky and can bake only two pieces at a time. This waffle mould on the other hand is super light weight and can be carried anywhere. All you require is a oven at your destination and your batter.

How many pieces?

Now, waffles have a typical shape which makes for them being divided in a particular way. If the waffle is circular, they are usually broken into large quarters. The waffles made by these moulds have six indentations. It allows for the waffle to be broken into halves or three pieces.

Ease of washing

One of the most difficult reasons of not using the waffle maker is the amount of maintenance it requires. But these silicone moulds are super soft and very easy to wash off. It is easy even for a bachelor like me.

How to make waffles making the mould?

Firstly, line the moulds with a bit of oil so that the waffles can come out. Pre heat your oven to 180-220 degree celsius. Fill up the batter till 2/3rds taking care not to spill any. Put the mould in the lower part of your oven and bake for 11-13 minutes. After baking them on one side, ease them out and leave them to bake on the other side for a couple of minutes till golden brown.

You can find your waffle mould here.

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