After serving authentic steaming hot Biryanis right at your door steps, finally Biryani by Kilo opens their second outlet in Dwarka. Brainchild of Mr.Kaushik Roy, Biryani by Kilo uses the traditional “Dum” technique to make biryanis. Their biryanis are cooked in individual natural clay handi and are delivered in the same round clay pot. The clay pot is reusable in case you want to do your own “Matka Cooking”. Biryani’s were delivered in Earthen handi’s along with tiny candles which can be used to heat the food. Once I opened the lid, the fragrance engulfed the room, rich with the reassuring aroma of pure ghee, saffron & chicken cooked to melt in the mouth with tenderness. The biryani was incredible and was an absolute delight to the senses. The best part was the chicken to rice ratio. I have never seen so many pieces of chicken in a biryani
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I had ordered their / Hyderabadi Biryani along with Kathal galouti kebab, Mutton galouti kebab and Phirni.
Hyderabadi Biryani: The biryani resembled to be quite authentic in its presentation. The chicken was at the bottom and was generously covered with rice which was cooked to perfection. I must say they are too generous with the quantity of chicken chunks in the biryani. Chicken pieces were juicy and well marinated. All in all it stood as a complete winner for us.

The Kathal galouti being a vegetarian substitute for mutton galouti kebab was received well by our vegetarian reviewers. The mutton galouti were tender and the texture of the dish was very appealing.Served with ulte tawa ka parantha it was one of the main highlights of our meal.

Dinner ended on a sweet note with their signature dessert. The phirni which comes in a clay matka. It was cherished by all and level of sweetness in the dessert was just perfect.

In a nutshell, ordering a meal from Biryani by kilo is a must for people living in Gurgaon, Dwarka and near by areas. They are pulling up a great initative by serving authentic food and in an authentic manner and that too right at your foot steps. So if you are in the mood flavourful & not too spicy Biryani’s which are perfectly cooked with tender & juicy meat that will pamper your taste buds, then Biryani By Kilo is the place to order from.

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