ITC Hotels has been holding the torch of Indian food aloft since a long time. With their Kitchens of India program, they are preserving the common and rare of the varied cuisines of India. But it is not only keeping the traditions alive, the chefs at ITC Hotels are pushing the boundaries of the food they are creating. I had my first encounter with progressive Bengali food at ITC Sonar. This time, it was the time for a lesson in progressive Rajasthani food at WelcomHotel, Jodhpur.

Desert Rose is an idyllic all day cafe at WelcomHotel, Jodhpur. The cafe is steeped in quite elegance and serves something for everyone. With period furniture and artifacts pinned and stacked on every wall along with large windows letting the sunshine, it definitely makes for a serene and regal ambience. When in Jodhpur, Rajasthan make sure you take a break at the luxurious WelcomHotel Jodhpur. Do try out Chef Akshraj Jodha's @akshrajjodha progressive Rajasthani food. Pic Credits: Snigdha Follow @saltandsandals #saltandsandals #travelblogger #travel #traveling #luxury #photography #hotelreview #visiting #instatravel #instago #instagood #trip #holiday #photooftheday #royalty #rajasthantourismofficial #royalty #jodhpurdiaries #rajasthantourism #India #condenastindia #lgindiapage #welcomhotel #itchotels #responsibleluxury

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The soon to be open restaurant, Shola

WelcomHotel ITC,Jodhpur

Executive Chef Akshraj Jodha is royalty himself. A close cousin of the Fort Barli, his understanding of the complexities of Rajasthani food is astounding. With Shola, a soon to open restaurant at the hotel will be showcasing the travelers food. A first of a kind in India, it will showcase the food of both the nomads and royalty as they moved across the lands. We get a sneak peek into his food with a six course meal that allows his experimental food to blow us away.

WelcomHotel ITC,JodhpurStarting off

We start off with a Baajre Ki Raab. A heady concoction of high calcium of Baajra with buttermilk. A dash of cumin on top cuts across the sourness. For starters he presents a Maas ke Sulle and Chakki. The Maas ke Sulle is a mutton kebab from Rajasthan. But it’s the lesser known Chakki that blows us away. The wheat protein is made into sheets and then steamed. He grills it with masalas and a dash of mustard oil. The Chatkara Machchi plays homage to the water bodies of Rajasthan as fish as a source of protein is very limited in the dry desert.


WelcomHotel ITC,JodhpurThe mains are something that showcase the true genius of Chef Jodha. He has curated the Daal Baati in a truly new way making it bite sized and more easy to eat. The Ker Sangri in the Papad and Pithode needs a dab of the curry, just like pouring a sauce. A coriander chicken and pepper mutton offers two other beautiful flavours from Rajasthan. There are three types of Indian breads that he serves us: the good old Baajre and Makke ki Roti along with a Beetroot ka Parantha.


WelcomHotel ITC,JodhpurA palate cleanser is followed up with dessert. The Aamra Kunda combines the flavours of Mango on Chena for a sweet end to the meal. Executive Chef Akshraj Jodha’s food is something that you must try out when in Jodhpur, especially the newest restaurant at WelcomHotel Jodhpur, Shola.

Do tell us your favourite place to eat Rajasthani food.

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