Indonesia has been one of the countries which remained on our bucket list. So crossing off this country from the list was truly essential. Our first post out of Indonesia encompasses the beautiful port city of Surabaya. It draws it’s name from the mythical tussle between a shark and a crocodile. This port city used to be the trading hub for the inland empires of Java and catapulted it to a major economic power in the South East. It was colonised by the Dutch in mid 18th century. Like many of the Asian cities it bears lots of influences from it’s colonial masters. The city is also an ideal base to explore the other attractions of East Java including Mt Bromo, the cool mountain retreats of Malang and the natural beauty of Ijen Plateau.

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Surabaya, Indonesia

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Get There

Surabaya is served by a plethora of domestic and international airlines. Boats and trains are also quite a good way to get there. The Juanda International Airport is a beautiful naval airbase which will make you remember it even after you leave. The port city’s main port is Tanjung Perak. A monstrous port which houses both commercial and passenger ships, the magnamity of the port is something to behold. Surabaya is serviced by trains at the main station of Pasar Turi.

Surabaya, Indonesia

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What all to see?

Surabaya is a seamless mix of both Islamic and Christian architecture bought on firstly by the Dutch colonialists and later followed by the majority ethnicity. Surabaya was the centre hold of Indonesia’s independence struggle and it has enough memoirs of the struggle. The Tugu Pahlawan is a monument which stands testimony to the struggles of the nascent country. There is a museum nearby which houses relics of that era.

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Indonesia as a country is dominated by Muslims and some of the most beautiful mosques are present there. The Al Akbar Mosque is the largest in Eastern Java and houses some really beautiful tapestries. The newly built Zheng He mosque pays tribute to Chinese architecture.

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The Gereja Katolik remembers the Dutch for their contribution to the city’s skyline being one of the first churches in the region. The religious diversity is completed at Kenjeran Sea which houses a Chinese temple built right over the sea. Another two places that should draw your attention include the House of Sampoerna which houses a museum which pays a tribute to the clove cigarette industry of the country. The Monkasel meanwhile is a Soviet Era submarine which has been converted into a museum.

Where to stay?

The Hotel Majapahit is a perfect place to plan your stay at Surabaya. This colonial building from 19th century offers you a deep insight into the history of Surabaya. The seamless interplay of both historical aspect with modern amenities is a treat for your senses. The hotel has multiple dining options which offers you both traditional Indonesian along with food from all over Asia and Europe. The spa is a perfect place to relax after a tiring day of exploring Surabaya. You can book this hotel at Traveloka hotel deals.

The port city of Surabaya has lots to offer in terms of a blend of architecture and food from Indonesia. So next time you visit Indonesia, do not forget to visit Surabaya. Please Pin and share the love

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