Polish- a nail spa with a twist, heal your soul as the professionals take care of those chipped nails. Ladies are you ready? Say goodbye to dingy elevator nail art studios and say hello to “Polish”.

Why Polish and no other nail art studio?

Ladies behind the brand Polish

My first question to the ladies behind the brand Polish. There are so many nail art studios in Delhi and now a lot of salons also provide these services, so why should I specially come to Polish?! The ladies explained me, the studios that I mentioned are not certified. In our day to day lives, we tend to be largely in contact with our nails , for eg. When we eat, our nails goes inside our mouth or  cook for our family, then while chopping-mixing, our nails are in contact of food etc.  Nails at “Polish’ are certified and are toxic free, nails at other studios are cheap nails which are full of toxins. A lot of people face chipped and weak nails problems that is again because of the toxic non-certified nail art studios, so Polish is anytime a better option as compared to other nail art studios.

About the interiors

Vintage decor

The ladies (owners) have done a fabulous job with the décor. The look is kept very chic, modern with vintage elements. When you enter the place, you instantly get a very positive vibe, I got to know later that Monica (one of the owners and tarot card readers) tries to keep the energy positive with her chanting. Another cute thing that I liked about the place was, there were small stools kept where I could place my bag and other things; without cluttering the nail art workstation.


My session of Tarot card with Monica

Now I am not a person who believes in Tarot card reading. I mean a person takes out few cards and that is your destiny? Really? Well to my happy surprise, Monica completely changed my view on Tarot card reading. She just saw my face and said few things which literally gave me goosebumps. After sitting on a one-to-one chat with her, I realized “Monica” really knows what she is doing and is really good at her art. I highly recommend her tarot card services. She is even into healing your soul and channeling positive vibes in a persons life.


Plan a party at Polish

High Tea at Polish

The vision behind “Polish” was to make it a place where ladies could chit-chat with their friends while getting their nail done. Keeping that thought in mind, the idea of giving out this place for parties came into picture. They even provide organic food for such events or any other type of food could also be ordered according to the clients preference.


Kids party at Polish

Kids nail stickers printing machine

“Polish’ also has printable nail stickers for kids birthday party. Little girls can also get their hair braided while their nails are being painted. Food could also be arranged according to kids preference.


Overall loved my session with the ladies. They pampered me beyond measures. Absolutely loved my “Polish” experience and would recommend everyone to try their services to feel the difference.

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