I am a big fan of Pizza Express food and was really excited to sample their newly introduced Festive Menu. We began our meal with Pumpkin Soup, Dough Diletto and Spinach artichoke Tuffo with dough balls. Absolutely loved the Pumpkin Soup, thick soup made from a mix of pumpkin and potatoes. Simply loved the thick texture of soup paired with dough diletto. Their home baked dough sticks with the garlic butter simply won my heart. The dough sticks had sprinkled chili flakes on top and with the garlic butter, it was simply symphony of flavors on my taste palette. What I loved about their dough sticks was that chili flakes didn’t overpower my palette, they just gave a chili kick in the end, giving my taste buds a feeling of warmth. On so many levels this dish was super fab for a winter menu.

Winter menu starters at Pizza Express



For our drinks, we ordered Red Mulled wine and White Wine Sangria. The Sangria did not work for me it was too sweet. I could hardly taste the wine in Sangria but the Red mulled wine was made really well. I could taste the spices and in the winter chill, it was a perfect companion to my mains.

For my mains we had Penne Con Cilantro and Pollo Cajun Pizza. Like all pizza express pizzas- Polo Cajun was good but what really impressed me was their pasta- Penne Con Cilantro. My first few bites of this dish didn’t make sense to me, “Is it a pesto pasta? Is it a white sauce pasta?” There was a whole lot of confusion for me! Finally when my taste buds accepted this new sauce that is when I started enjoying this dish. And once I started enjoying it, there was simply no stopping me (:p). The surprise element of the dish were definitely the pickled onions. It added so much tanginess to the dish and was able to cut the heaviness of the cream & pesto sauce beautifully. Absolutely loved this pasta and recommend it to all experimental vegetarian foodies.

Penne Con Cilantro and Pollo Cajun Pizza


For the desserts we ordered Warm Berry Crumble and Chocolate Cheese cake. Both the desserts were prepared really well but Warm Berry Crumble with a scoop of vanilla gelato just made me so happy. Gooey berry compote topped with burnt butter crumble, served with a scoop of ice-cream, too much of goodness in each bite. Highly recommended dessert!

Warm Berry Crumble and Chocolate Cheese cake

Overall loved my evening with Pizza Express, thank you for the warm hospitality. Would recommend their festive menu to everyone, absolutely gorgeous!



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