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Antarctica: The most offbeat destination ever

My most eccentric travel dream is probably the most mind blowing and that is to travel to the icy glaciers of Antarctica. This white blanket of snow has always been one of the most difficult regions of the earth to reach and is one of the rarest of rare destinations....

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Where to stay when visiting Western India?

The Western part of India is one of the most diverse regions in the world. It stretches from the dry Thar Desert to the wet Western Ghats. As I have travelled to quite a few of these destinations, let me tell you about a few hotels where you can base your travels...

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5 Best Shopping Destinations in India You Have to Visit

Hundreds of years ago, India, along with other Asian countries, was a world's trading center. Today, this magnificent country astonishes millions of travelers with its unique culture and a life philosophy of its citizens. India remains one of the most popular and...

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Ayurveda Spa at the Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

Who doesn't love themselves a good spa session. But imagine one right by the beach. You can watch the white waves crashing into the beach as your therapist melts away your knots. Now being a top travel blog in India has its own perks. One of these is that I get to...

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Temples Of Nepal: Religious Tour

Nepal is a Hindu dominated country and it is quite visible in the architectural layout of the country. Each of the rulers built a temple to outdo his predecessor. This resulted in some magnificent places of worship dotting the landscape of Nepal. Most of the palace...

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Your Essential Guide To Packing For The South Of France

After booking your trip to the south of France, one of the next things on your mind for you to consider should be what you are going to take. It is never too early to beginning thinking of what you should take on holiday with you, as some things may need to be...

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Gaj Retreats : Punjab

The growing urbanization has also resulted in an increase in places where people like to unwind themselves from a stressful daily routine.  A significant number of resorts have sprouted in recent times all around the country which one loves to visit with family or...

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On a Tequila Trail in Guadalajara, Mexico

I have spent many an evening swinging back tequila shots with lime and salt. But my writing about alcohol took me to the exact focal point of the existence of this drink. I take you around Mexico in a tequila trail to discover the rich cultural heritage behind the...

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Where are we eating out?

Metro Shoes For Men

They say the first thing a women notices in a man after an eye contact is his shoes. And women can certainly tell a lot about you by the shoes you wear. Apart from your clothing, shoes are a visual endpoint and receive a disproportional amount of attention. Shoes are...

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