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Eberbach Monastery: Where wine and religion come together

While studying for my WSET level 1, I had come across Reisling. A white wine which is known to have a crisp taste with a bouquet of flavours and aroma. My class with Magandeep had me tasting Reisling for the first time and I truly fell in love with. Since then, I have...

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A Sake trail through the streets of Tokyo

Ever since the time I first tasted Sake at the winter menu of Megu at The Leela Palace Hotel, New Delhi, I have become a fan of this drink. So when Tokyo was awarded the right to host the Olympics in 2020, I plan to discover this fast moving city through its famous...

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The land of Tigers- An experience at Jim Corbett National Park

The busy corporate lifestyle eats into your head. The tall towers, the honking cars make life a maddening haze. Take a break, come to lap of nature at Jim Corbett National Park and get a sight of wild beasts dwelling in the woods of the Jim Corbett and a lifetime...

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Experience the horses of Marwar at Rohet Garh and Mihir Garh

My love for horses started with Bryan Adams' famous album Here I Am. The free spirited charge of a black stallion in an open field is a sight to behold. This is what we witnessed about 30 kms from Jodhpur at Mihirgarh which is under the house of Rohet....

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Take a break from all the forts: WelcomHotel Jodhpur

Rajasthan has been a strong hold of the Rajputana. The royal families built a plethora of forts and palaces all over the desert countryside. With the accession of these princely states post Independence, many of them were converted into boutique hotels. Although the...

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Having a luxury holiday at Ranbanka Palace, Jodhpur

The Ranbanka Palace is a royal place to travel. The 80's and 90's were dominated with family travel in India. With 20 somethings earning like never before and travelling, the focus is shifting away from the travel of yesteryears. The instinct earlier was towards...

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All aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train

Wine is something that had fascinated the both of us. But before I became a food blogger, I was as ignorant about wines as one could get. But after I passed my WSET level 1, my interest in wines took off. Accompanied by Snigdha, I tried out quite a few wines in the...

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