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Where are we heading to?

4 activities in Australia that you must do

Australia is one of my favourite destinations to vacation in. With a plethora of outdoor activities possible all over Australia, there is something for everyone to do. But before you plan out your trip to Australia, it is essential to buy travel insurance online,...

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Best Destinations for Food

Many people will tell you that a principal reason to explore a new country and culture is to expose your taste buds to new, delicate and delightful sensations that simply don’t exist in your home country. They’d be right: pick up any guidebook and you’ll find pages...

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Discovering Bataks on the shores of Lake Toba

The turbulence of the plane rocks me again as it has been over the past two hours. I sit scrunched in my seat trying violently not to throw up but finally give up. I reach over for my sickness bag while staring out of the window, hoping for a miracle. But my retching...

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Exploring the colonial remembrances of Bengal

Chugging along the rustic landscape, the local train grinds to a halt at the bustling Serampore station. I had boarded the Bardhaman Local, the lifeline that connects Kolkata from its Howrah station till the bustling metropolis of Bardhaman about 2 hours away. After...

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Where are we eating out?


Where to find your favourite tipple?

Board the Tequila Express

As one of the famous Food Blogs In India, I have spent many an evening swinging back tequila shots with lime and salt. But my writing of travel blogs about alcohol took me to the exact focal point of the existence of this drink. Taking the liberty of being one of the...

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