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The mansions of Penang

Our first trip to Malaysia and our first stop on the road in Penang. Although this post is about the three famous mansions of Penang, namely the Pinang Pernakan, Blue Mansion and the Macalister Mansion, I will dwelve into the history of this beautiful island. The...

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Ras Al Khaimah: An undiscovered Emirate

Although the United Arab Emirates has seven emirates, Indians mostly seem to be in love with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One of the uncovered gems is Ras al Khaimah. Located the mouth of the Arabian gulf in the Northern part of UAE, Ras al Khaimah was an important trading...

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The ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico

The Mayans are one of the oldest and most intriguing of old world races. Centered around the Yucatan valley, the Mayans spread out across the central and South America and created some of the most beautiful architecture that world ever saw. Now before I take you on a...

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Explore Peru through Pisco

Rudyard Kipling described Pisco as, “the highest and noblest product of the age,” and “composed of cherubs’ wings, the glory of tropical dawn, the red clouds of sunset, and fragments of lost masterpieces by dead poets”. It is very rare that a single drink encompasses...

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Explore the grandeur of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Although I may be a sucker for medieval age forts, there is nothing better than a place of worship to learn about the history and the culture of the country. For Abu Dhabi, what place to start discovering other than the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque? This humongous mosque...

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The Fort Hotels of Jaipur

The royal families of Rajasthan led a lavish life indeed. With magnanimous forts, colourful jewellery and stories of valour, the Rajputana were one of the most prominent ruling clans of the world. The colours and culture of the Rajputana empire still endures in...

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Singinawa Jungle Lodge

The raucous city life is strenuous on your nerves. Escaping into the wildlife sounds like a good idea. Doesn’t it? But traveling into the wildlife shouldn’t be bereft of luxury. This is what Singinawa Jungle Lodge provides you with. As my Indigo Airlines flight...

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Your guide to Maldivian Food

Honeymooners are besotted with the picturesque islands of Maldives. We, as a couple weren't different. Right from the moment we landed in the capital city of Male, we fell in love with the islands. But our love extended to more than what met the eye. Running a food...

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