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Where are we heading to?

Kru Kung Museum is one of the best places to visit in Thailand

New Stuff doesn't really have the character. Its the rust, the chipped paint and the history makes for a story. This story is about Kru Kung Museum which is one of the best places to visit in Thailand. Why is Kru Kung Museum one of the best places to visit in...

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Travelling America in luxury

As the world’s wealthiest country, America lends itself well to luxury travel. From luxe hotels to decadent fine dining, you are sure to rest and eat well. However, this nation also excels when it comes to activities suited for the upper classes. Below, we’ll suggest...

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3 Reasons You Should Take More Risks on Vacation

We were born to take risks, and much of our survival in primitive times relied on it. However, the nature of modern living means we often fall into safe patterns that prevent us from embracing what life has to offer. A vacation provides a chance to break away from the...

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Where to stay and places to visit in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Indians with its scenic beaches and easy accessibility. One of the essential parts of booking a holiday is booking hotels that make your stay quite worthwhile. This post is going to talk about the best places to...

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Where are we eating out?


Where to find your favourite tipple?

Great Red Grapes session at Vancouver International Wine Festival

We recently attended the 40th Vancouver International Wine Festival where 145 wineries from 16 countries were displaying their fares. Although there were quite a few winery dinners, trade tastings and even an International Tasting Room, the "Great Red Grapes" session...

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