Key West, FloridaThe Gibraltar of the West, Key West in Florida, United States is home to a major shipping route between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. A territory which has fluctuated under the ownership of the Spanish, British and Americans. A plethora of cruise ships dock at the three piers of Key West as they continue their journey to the seas. Part of a chain of islands that form the southern-most part of the continental United States, Key West is the perfect place to enjoy the tropical weather.

Key West, FloridaKey West is perfect for water lovers. The waters host the only corals present in the Northern Americas. Most of the larger and pristine coral reefs are located at quite a distance from the shore and will require the services of a professional diver. Sand Key is one of the most popular reefs on the island. Dominated by a large iron lighthouse, it draws divers and snorkellers from around the globe. The Ten-Fathom ledge offers the most unusual of coral caves with many species of lobster residing in it. A few ships have also been sunk intentionally to give rise to growth of coral like The Cayman Salvor and Gen. Hoyt S Vandenburg. There are also a few places to see dolphins.

Key West, FloridaKey West is also a perfect place for people to try out their fishing capabilities. The mixture of water from two different currents creates a mixture that leads in a ton of aquatic fauna. Billfish, Tuna, Permit and Tarpon offer enough experiences. Ernest Hemingway’s Nobel-prize winning “The Old man and the Sea” is loosely based on his experiences aboard his 38 feet fishing boat. Some of the ship masters are the best guides for finding the perfect fish every season especially for catching groupers and snappers. Do visit Key West if you love seas and water. Let us know in the comments below about places you would love to snorkel in.

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