A bunch of crazy bloggers decided to give Inox Muchos a try, while watching Dear Zindagi at Inox Jangpura. Obviously we are foodies, so we tried all the flavors (yes!! we take our reviews very seriously :p).


(l-r) Me with my blogger buddies, viewing Dear Zindagi with INOX muchos

What I loved about their nachos product range was that few flavors had a cheesy dip with them in the packaging. Only eating nachos could be quiet a boring affair (at least for me), if there is a dip, it always makes the experience more delightful. I even loved the price range of the products. All the products were quiet reasonably priced and considering the fact that they come with a dip, I found them quiet pocket friendly. The nachos and popcorn range is not just limited to INOX movie halls, you could find their product range at nearby supermarkets (yes INOX is making sure we have a beautiful movie viewing experience at home too 🙂 ).

My favorites among the INOX muchos range


My personal favorites from the INOX Muchos range

Coming to the flavors, I quiet enjoyed the toffee caramel popcorn. Smooth, deep & rich caramel combined with creamy English toffee taste in every bite. There are very limited options of sweet popcorn in the market which are priced reasonably, this product definitely shows a lot of promise. In nachos, I quiet enjoyed Cheese and Jalapenos flavor. It is a double mix flavor with a mix of Cheddar cheese and Parmesan cheese and jalapeno spiked with aroma of green chilli. It is an indulgent treat for a cheese lover and comes with a cheesy dip. It is made of corn and is a healthier option as compared to a lot of other brands available in the market. It is gluten free and is one of their premium flavor.

The other popular flavors among the bloggers were Salsa Mexcicana and Piri Piri nachos. Quiet enjoyed my movie viewing experience with INOX muchos, overall an evening spent well!


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