Riding an All Terrain Vehicle is something that is only recently catching up in India. Although many places offer recreational activities in the form of ATV rides, I realised doing it just a few times is not enough. My first ATV ride was at the Heiwa Heaven in Jaipur and I would really love to tell you about the experience.

An ATV is usually used to riding in dirt tracks and off-roading. They are usually gas powered 4 wheeled machines which will give you a high like never before. Like all adventure activities, try to have your first times with a trainer. I did mine with these two trainers from Jaipur who taught me the nitty gritty of the mean machine. It is almost like riding a bike but the extra horsepower is something that you’d dearly love to take notice off. Unlike a bike, it speeds off with a burst of unimaginable power. The 4 wheeler tires usually bite into the dirt pretty while but don’t just go mad cranking out power from the engine.

ATV in mud tracks

The best way to enjoy the ATV is through the mud tracks. This is something that you should tackle only when you have garnered some experience on the dirt tracks first. Although the ATV mud tires have a tremendous amount of traction on the mud, over revving the engine will cause it to slide around. With such a short centre of gravity, there is a risk of toppling over.

I slowly grew out of my trepidation as I hit the accelerator for the first few times before gaining confidence to rev it up. Although climbing up the slope is pretty easy as you feed the engine, it is usually the descent that creates the problems. You will require a steady hand to hold the handle and slowly brake your way through the descend

An ATV is one of the most exhilarating ways to enjoy off roading. If you’re planning to own one for yourself, click here. Do let me know your comments on experiences with the same.

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