I fell in love with the Nordic country of Norway the moment I heard of Roros. The beautiful copper mining town still frozen in time drew me in to this beautiful country. But local food is something that truly defines travel for me. If I haven’t had the local food of the country, my trip is not complete. Norway is a country of abundances. Being so close to the sea means that seafood is one of their strong points. Their meat gets to graze in the luscious valleys while paucity of either pollution or population means that their produce is top rate. So, Sudipto and Snigdha tell you the favorites of Norwegian food.


Pork Belly is something that both of us are in love with. The beautiful sweet flavours are something that hits the nail on our head. But we had mostly tried out the South-East Asian version which combines spicy and sour. But the Nordic flavours are more umami. Combined with boiled potatoes, sauerkraut, meat balls and gravy.


Salted, dried, smoked lamb ribs. These are usually smoked over Birch tree wood giving it a characteristic unforgettable taste. It is a typical Christmas eve specialty.

Image Credits: Frithjof Fure www.visitnorway.com


Fish has been preserved in various parts of the world since times immemorial. With seafood getting spoiled fast, this stockfish is preserved in water and lye. With the fish having a very mild taste potatoes, bacon, mashed peas and mustard gives the dish it’s characteristic flavours.

Your guide to Norwegian Food

Image Credits: Tina Stafrèn/www.visitnorway.com

Norwegian Cod

If you haven’t tasted the sweetness of the Norwegian cod, you are missing something in your life. Although there is no comparison of the fish that has been caught fresh, but preserved versions also work pretty well. The Skrei(Arctic Cod) migrates from the Barents Sea to the Northern coast of Norway during winter and this is when it is caught.

Your guide to Norwegian Food

Image Credits: C.H/www.visitnorway.com

Game meats

Unlike other parts of the world, Norway has a thriving game meat industry. It means that you can try out exotic meats like Deer, Reindeer, Moose or Grouse. These will give you such a plethora of flavours on your palate that you won’t easily forget.

Your guide to Norwegian Food

Image Credits: cabday/Foap/www.visitnorway.com


The brown caramelized whey cheese is filled with full bodied flavours. It usually goes well with bread and waffles. It can be easily found in the majority of cabins along the ski trails.


All meals are accompanied by this potato based alcohol. It is flavoured with a plethora of spices and herbs like caraway seeds, fennel, dill, anise and even coriander. A herbal alcoholic drink which acts as a perfect digestive to end your meals.

Norway also has an explosion of breweries who are brewing a good beer. Do check out our Beer Trail in Norway and tell us your experience of Norwegian food. All pictures are credits to Visit Norway.

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