Honeymooners are besotted with the picturesque islands of Maldives. We, as a couple weren’t different. Right from the moment we landed in the capital city of Male, we fell in love with the islands. But our love extended to more than what met the eye. Running a food and travel blog simultaneously means we fall in love with the local food. But there couldn’t have been a better match made in heaven. The staple of Maldivian cuisine is Fish and Bengalis cannot let go of that fact, at all. The amount of fish that this place serves and the similarity to Indian food is what made us totally fall in love with it.

Image Credits: Visit Maldives

Fish Samosa

The famed breakfast of North India is found in every small roadside cafe in Maldives. The crunchy wheat pastry is filled with a spicy mix of fish that is unlike any other Samosa I had ever tasted. Vegetables specially potato are the common ingredient in India while West Bengal also has a range of Mutton samosas. But the Fish samosa served here will be remembered for long. An exception to the normal is that it is not served with a chutney.

Image Credits: Dusit Thani

Mas Huni and Roshi

Mas Huni and Roshi is one of the staple breakfasts of Maldivian food. Mas Huni is basically mashed tuna along with coconut, onions, lime juice and chili. Roshi on the other hand is a pancake made of wheat. The spicy, tangy and slightly sweet flavours on the umami of the meat is a true Maldivian breakfast.

Image Credits: Dusit Thani, Maldives


Smoked tuna fish balls are combined with the above mentioned spices followed by cooking in a coconut and wheat encrusted crust. This is later fried to make something similar to our fish pakodas.

Breadfruit, Taro and Sweet Potato

I have been talking too much about fish and little else. The island also has a thriving vegetarian food with the sweet root vegetables being consumed either in the form of curries or fried up as chips.

Image Credits: Dusit Thani, Maldives

Huni Folhi

These sweet spring rolls are composed of a wheat exterior while the filling is made up of honey, water and coconut. This sweet dish is something to definitely try out. These spring rolls are then fried and cut up.

End your Maldivian meal with thinly sliced betel nuts, betel leaves, lime paste and cloves or Paan as we know it in India. Tell us about what you tried in Maldives.

Featured pic Image Credits: Visit Maldives

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