The food capital of Scandinavia, Copenhagen houses one of the world’s favourite restaurants, Noma. But still Danish food is something that is very scarcely known to Indian travelers. Firstly, its the different climatic conditions which make for a different type of food and secondly the subtlety of the Scandinavian cuisine deflects off the Indian palate. But as we have discovered, the Scandinavian cuisine specially the Danish cuisine has some real gems in it. We tell you the dishes that you must try out on your visit to Denmark.

Your guide to Danish FoodSmorrebrod

This open sandwich made of rye bread has been a staple for many, many years. The dish has had a multitude of forms ranging from those eaten by the working class to the ones of the ruling class. The rye bread gives it an distinctive taste. But chefs in Denmark are now experimenting with the Smorrebrod creating a range of flavours your palate hasn’t tasted before. You can pile up any kind of meat ranging from herring to pork and make it a delicious meal.

Rolled Eel

The sweet taste of eel is combined with onions, salt and pepper and served chilled with potatoes. It is a dish where the actual taste of the fish meat shines through against the carbohydrate just seasoned with salt and pepper. You can try this dish out at Veno Inn in Struer.

Your guide to Danish Food

Image Credits: Maria Nielson

Sausages and Sun Eggs

South Jutland is a place for the best sausages in Denmark specially the cabbage sausages. The Sun Eggs are another deal altogether. The eggs are cooked in onion husks and then left in brine. The yolk is then replaced with Tabasco, oil, vinegar and mustard for an explosion of flavours on your palate.

Hot Dog

Before you start wondering, Hot Dogs are indeed an Scandinavian specialty an Denmark has been having them for nearly a century. Do not miss any of the roadside vendors for a quick bit of the sausage filled bread. Do add some roasted onions for sweetness and mustard for it’s sharp taste.


Herring is cooked in a variety of ways in Denmark. It can be on top of the Smorrebrod or you can also try it out as a salt-herring fried. After soaking in brine, the herring is cooked in pork fat after dipping in flour.

Your guide to Danish FoodDanish Pastries

Everybody loves a Danish pastry but did you know that these sweet sticky delights are actually Viennese. They were made for the first time in the Danish capital by Viennese bakers and it spread from there. They were actually called Viennese Bread. But as a century went, the name got dropped and they became famous as Danish Pastry. Well, the Danes are not complaining 😉

Denmark also has a plethora of Michelin starred restaurants which we will be covering in another post. As you will see, the essential flavours of Denmark are based on the taste of the underlying meat to wonder your palate. Do tell us your favourite.

All images are courtesy of Visit Denmark.

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