It was pitch dark and the city was yet not up from its beauty sleep. Totally unplanned backpacking from Germany, I reached at the central station of COPENHAGEN in small hours around 5.00 am. As a travel photographer by vocation, I adore my mornings. I couldn’t resist myself from exploring the beautiful uninterrupted Good morning hours of Copenhagen.

Christmas Market Copenhagen

When I mentioned uninterrupted, I also meant hands off my luggage strollers and backpack. I quickly took to the manned desk and luggage boxes at the station to store my belongings. With just my camera bag on my back and wallet, I took off to explore Copenhagen.

Lagkagehuset Copenhagen,Denmark

My first morning stop was right down the station hall at this Danish pastry shop Lagkagehuset. Even before you step in, the aroma of spices and freshly baked bread just gets into you. I couldn’t resist just peeking but quickly grabbed a morning coffee, luscious lip smacking Danish pastries and cinnamon roll. After my sinful satisfying and drool leaking breakfast, I was all set to sight the first impression of the city and its people.

Little MermaidCopenhagen,Denmark

Copenhagen has this cozy, intimate feel to its character. Walking by the cobblestone streets witnessing the rich architectural design and heritage is captivatingly subtle. One such iconic beauty was the Little Mermaid sculpture down on the Langeline promenade. The morning here was breathtakingly beautiful as she sits calm by the sea. This 101 years old ballerina sculpture was created by the Danish-Icelandic sculpture Edward Erikson and is inspired by the famous fairytale of a mermaid looking for love. I Watched the morning sun by the shore with her longing to meet her prince just like the city of Copenhagen.

Expat in Denmark: The Ultimate Guide

The Botanical GardensCopenhagen,Denmark

Amidst the usual bustling city, The Botanical Gardens is a beautiful green oasis in the heart of the city. Also, the history of this garden goes way back to 1600 when the first garden was opened at the University of Copenhagen. The botanical garden is dedicated to the study of plant life and fungi that are home to 9000 different species of plants from around the world. The entry was free and the morning was definitely the best time to wander around the luscious greenhouses and grass paths. It was a morning walk for the eco-friendly green eyed ‘me’ in the city.

Copenhagen in Summer

Bike RideCopenhagen,Denmark

The next best I witnessed or couldn’t miss is the prolific bike culture of Copenhagen. Nearly every soul in Copenhagen loves to ride a bike. Be it school children, men &women going to work, grannies and housewives running errands or politicians riding their way to parliaments. Bike riding is a huge part of Danish culture in Copenhagen. I decided to be one of them ( locals) and showed them that I can ride. With well-planned crossways and friendly bridges, biking in Copenhagen makes crisscrossing the city a jiff.

Amager Beach ParkCopenhagen,Denmark

Riding all around in the city, I was exhausted by now. I decided to take a break at Amager Beach Park. The beach park constitutes a 2 Km long artificial island forming a lagoon on one side and sandy beach with dunes on the other. I saw the active peeps of Copenhagen running, skating and surfing their way on the beach. I took a bench to enjoy the splendid view of a windmill across. It was quite a serene escape from the bustling city.

Nyhavn HarbourCopenhagen,Denmark

They say Copenhagen is home to the happiest people on earth. With so much to do & little time in hand, I’ll have to wind up my last morning stop at Nyhavn Harbour. Of all the pictures of places one see of Copenhagen, is that of Nyhavn. The old, beautiful colourful houses are childishly attractive. Originally a place for many ships to dock from different countries is now a place to do some candid photography for people like me. With plenty of pictures to click and plenty of cafes to ease my hunger pangs, Nyhavn is undoubtedly a perfect place to be. I couldn’t have asked for more from the beautiful Copenhagen.

Image Credits: Visit Denmark, Visit Copenhagen

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