Singinawa Jungle LodgeThe raucous city life is strenuous on your nerves. Escaping into the wildlife sounds like a good idea. Doesn’t it? But traveling into the wildlife shouldn’t be bereft of luxury. This is what Singinawa Jungle Lodge provides you with. With 110 acres of deep forested land adjoining the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Singinawa takes you into tiger heartland. Huge cottages are lined up right next to lush green forests as you combine luxury with relaxation. You can take a trip into the wilderness with jeeps and trained naturalists to view the plethora of flora and fauna. You might just be able to spot a deer or the tigers who roam these massive jungles.

Singinawa Jungle LodgeThe rooms

Built of stone and slate, the 12 cottages offer you a disconnect from the hustle of the city. With technology being far away from, the only thing that disturbs you might be an occasional wild animal. But the luxury never stops as you’re surrounded by top rate hospitality and amenities. The two jungle bungalows are surrounded by Sal trees and offer an unparalleled experience. You can Singinawa Jungle Lodgeeven order food from your own kitchen with a personalized butler service.

What to do?

Although the Jungle Safari is one of the most important activities to do out there, it is not the only one. The safaris usually are from 3-5 hours and allow you the visualize the best of wildlife in the most relaxed of Singinawa Jungle Lodgemanners. The Paghdandi bicycle ride allows you to explore the forest all by yourself while taking a trip to the village of Jaldidand Baiga village. These quaint villages deep inside the reservation are agrarian societies untouched by interference of technology. The lodge also provides for some relief to the frayed senses.

Singinawa Jungle LodgeThe Jungle through the six senses provides for a rejuvenating experience as the overused senses get back to normalcy. The Aromatic and Fragrant trail lets you breathe in the aroma of flowers like wild Roses, Jasmine and Frangipani. A walk through the organic garden is much recommended. Tired after a whole day of wandering around the forests, take a session at The Meadow spa and let your body relax.

Singinawa Jungle LodgeWhy Singinawa?

Tourism is a double edged sword in India. Although it brings in a lot of money and employment for locals, but over exploitation of the natural beauty leads to disturbance in the local ecosystem. Specially in an ecosystem as fragile as that of the forests, unregulated and irresponsible tourism can cause unmitigated destruction of the wildlife. This is where Singinawa Jungle Lodge stands out. Their motto Singinawa Jungle Lodgeof ecologically responsible tourism means that the natural habitat of the forest area is preserved. Not only this, their promotion of local artisans and villagers leads them to lead a better life.

This ecologically responsible resort allows you to rejuvenate yourself and plunge back into the grind of your daily life. Do try out this place when coming to the central part of India. You can make your bookings here.

Picture Courtesy: Singinawa Jungle Lodge

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