My love for horses started with Bryan Adams’ famous album Here I Am. The free spirited charge of a black stallion in an open field is a sight to behold. This is what we witnessed about 30 kms from Jodhpur at Mihirgarh which is under the house of Rohet.

Some Horses will Test You Some will Teach you AND some will Bring Out the Best in You…!! As The royal Marwari Horses walk away complacently into the canvassing wilderness… I shall stay and capture them in my lense..!! Thank you so much @mihir_garh @house_of_rohet for hosting us and letting us experience these marvellous jewels.. PicCredits :Snigdha Follow @saltandsandals . . #saltandsandals #travelblogger #travel #traveling #travelphotographer #luxury #royalty #royal #horse #horsesofinstagram #wilderness #wildernessculture #ecotravel #equestrian #India #dessert #thardessert #instago #rajasthantourism #instagood #wanderlust #incredibleindia #rajasthantourismofficial #lpindia #lonelyplanet #condenastindia #roadtotaste #wanderwithjo #bruisedpassports

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Mihir Garh, Jodhpur RajastrhanThe horses we are going to show you are the Marwar breed of horses. Contrary to popular belief, the ancestor of the horse Shivalisis is believed to have originated in the foothills of Himalayas. The Marwar horse is a close relative of the same. It enjoyed quite an exalted position in many cavalries across India. But with the coming of British, as was the case with many superior Indian practices it too fell out of favour. They were sold off to people without any knowledge of horse keeping. Breeding lines were diluted with multiple interbreeding. The independence with a further dissolution of the princely states struck a further nail in the coffin.

Mihir Garh, Jodhpur RajastrhanSlowly but steadily, the royals and the vassals of the princely states of India are reviving this lost breed. One such is the House of Rohet. The man behind the revival is Thakur Sidharth Singh , the 14 generation of the Rohet family to reside their 400 year old home now a heritage hotel, Rohet Garh. The stables at both the properties house about 15 horses and they offer unique equestrian experiences to their guests, a rarity amongst the hotels of India.

Their stables

Mihir Garh, Jodhpur RajastrhanWe were lucky to experience the flight of their horses. Four mares who gave the perfect poses for selfies along with a two month old foal who was still unsteady of its feet. But the star of the day was Sharang, a prodigy of the prolific horse Shandaar. Extremely strong, his flight against the stark backdrop of Rajasthani wilderness is a sight to behold. He shows off a bit of his skills to the camera as we enter the paddock. He does so by running extremely close and then changing directions a few inches away from you.

The Equestrian Experience

The Equestrian program is available on request and tailored to suit the riding capabilities. There are three types of programs you can avail. The first one is a day ride into the wilderness and visiting the villages of rural Rajasthan. A larger program entails an overnight stay at a desert camp. A royal meal is something that will give you an experience of hunting like the royalty. But it’s the last option I liked the most. We got on our horses and rode to the nearby village of Luni and then to Rohet. The sandy, semi arid region is perfect for the horses to ride.

Mihir Garh, Jodhpur RajastrhanThese magnificent horses are not just used for riding but also for equestrian events like Dressage and show jumping. Watching these amazing creatures is once in a lifetime experience. You should definitely visit Mihir Garh to experience the stellar stable of Marwar horses there.

Mihir Garh, Jodhpur RajastrhanOur host, historian and story teller is Kunwar Avijit Singh, the 15th generation of the Rohet family and a horse lover. Mihir Garh is a member of Privy– a bespoke ensemble of luxury boutique hotels.

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