Eating out has become quite a complicated act nowadays. My dad during his residency days at AIIMS used to be a regular at his neighboring​ Chinese restaurant Daitchi along with a few North Indian restaurants. With the implosion of restaurants all over Delhi in the past five years, the youth of today is eating out way more than often. Now there are two things that have made eating out so complicated. The first is the immense amounts of choices confusing you about the place you should visit. The second being the rising prices of eating out thanks to the Indian government’s draconian policies. To combat both of these and make eating out fun yet easy on pocket, we suggest the Gourmet Passport App.

How to use the Gourmet Passport app?

The Gourmet Passport App hosts a good collection of restaurants asking with deals that range upto a 50% discount. Although there are a plethora of apps which offer similar deals, the problem lies when you wade deeper into it. Second class treatment at the restaurant along with lack of the best restaurants is the bane. What the Gourmet Passport App offers are premium restaurants at breathtaking deals. But the biggest deal is that the app has been created by and supported by doyens of Indian food industry. So most of the times, guests are given the best of service.

The Gourmet Passport App pretty simple to use. You can download it online before an easy sign up. Now you can buy a year’s worth of coupons for INR 999. Each restaurant has three coupons attached to it so you can use them multiple times or even for larger groups. We tried out the app and booked ourselves a buffet at the Mist, The Park Connaught Place. Although a meal for two costs about INR 4000, we had a filling meal at one of the premium hotels in Central Delhi for less than INR 2000.

What we ate at The Park?

The 24 hour coffee shop of The Park is done it in a casual ambiance remarkedly displayed on the blue denim dresses of the servers. As Executive Chef Abhishek Basu joins us to try some of the specialities from the buffet, the first class treatment that I told you about earlier is on display. We start off with a Burrata along with an artichoke and asparagus salad. Both of them exude a burst of fresh flavours upon the palate.

A huge bamboo basket filled with dim sums of all varieties joins us at the table. There’s chicken, lamb and prawns on offer. But Chef Basu pushes me to try one of the thin crust pizzas​ that Mist is so known​ for. A typical Italian thin crust pizza with a big slice of Parma Ham in the centre. The umami flavours of the cured meat against the subtle flavours of cheese, basil and olive oil is something that you should definitely try out. We end off​ with a Spinach and Ricotta ravioli.

Although the buffet had another section of Indian dishes, I was way too stuffed to eat any more. Two hungry fat people eating at a premium restaurant in Central Delhi less than 2000 bucks. Did lovers, the Gourmet Passport App be on your phone. The app can be downloaded here.

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