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Our love for mutton burgers began in the 1990s when international food joints entered the country. We bid our goodbyes to the local fast food joints and moved towards a fine dining experience. Since then, burgers feature at the top of our comfort food preference list. These outlets spread like wild fire and reached the length and breadth of the country. One of them is Carl’s Jr, a Californian burger brand. Its first outlet opened on August 8, 2015 behind Select Citywalk Mall, Saket. A late entrant in the QSR format but a fine player. A global f avourite for juicy burgers, we recently headed there to review their latest offerings; Mutton burgers to start the new year 2017. Moving away from an extensive vegetarian menu and later chicken, the latest buzz is about the mutton burgers.


Carl’s Jr. Awesome Onion burger

Continuing with their tradition of serving chargrilled burgers, these are healthier as they have less oil. The mutton burgers come in four flavours – Korma, Mint, Awesome onion and Famous Star Mutton.These are in sync with the Indian palate. The Korma burger has ground spices. The Mint burger had the added freshness imparted by the mint sauce. Awesome Onion was the best in the lot with crispy onions and Carl Jr’s special sauce. The Famous Star has the chicken patty replaced with mutton.

Carl’s Jr. Mint burger

The Chicken wings and onion rings with standard dips served as interesting sides. Both of them were really crispy and were mildly spiced. The chicken tenders are hand- breaded. The burgers and sides can be enjoyed with the shakes. We tried the Chocolate Shake and Pinacolada. The Chocolate Shake is pure bliss and the pinacolada is for coconut lovers. The refills let us have unlimited soft drinks and beer 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Carl’s Jr. to try out the new mutton burgers. It’s time for muttonization.

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