With the onset of autumn, Bonhomia, the premium tea and coffee brand introduces a revolutionary brewing machine, BOHO which will brew a perfect cup with just the press of a button and will also allow you to choose the desirable strength of the beverage. The BOHO works at a pressure level that will give the product, a picture perfect body with a dense crème. The machine is easily available online at www.bonhomia.com and also at outlets of modern bazaar, Westside and Needs. It is priced at INR 9995/- for the Midnight black and 12995 for the Passion red color. You may also buy the milk frother priced at INR 3000/- which is a handy accessory to give that perfect frothy Latte, Cappuccino or Macchiato

 Bonhomia - The Boho- Midnight Black INR 9,995 & Passion Red INR 12,995

The Bonhomia as we all know is India’s first coffee and tea brand which was launched earlier this year, in a capsule format which is also compatible with Nespresso machines. The capsules capture the aroma and the flavor of the brews, as the product comes in a single serve which is vacuumed and not exposed to the moisture and the outside environment. The coffee comes in different variants in terms of intensity levels. The coffee variants include:

·         FREELOVE: The 100 percent Arabica blend has an amazing aroma with smooth body with intensity 5. Due to the low intensity, milk may not be added. It can be used as an espresso shot and a base for other coffee preparations as well.

·         DARK DEEDS: The amalgamation of Robusta and Arabica seeds, this variant has an intensity of 8 and gives you a dark espresso shot with an earthy fragrance.

·         BLACK VEIL: The strongest with an intensity of 9, black veil is sourced from the estates of Mysore and has 100 percent roasted Arabica which will make your mornings and evenings simply perfect by giving that caffeine kick one requires.

·         ORGANIC BLISS: This is the 100 percent organic variant with a low intensity level of 5. With a mild fruity flavor and a lingering aftertaste, this one will leave you wanting for another cup.

·         VANILLA –ARTISAN BLEND : with a subtle hint of vanilla , this one leaves an exquisite aroma while bieng prepared and works brilliantly as a  dessert coffee




The tea variants include:

·         GREEN PEACE: This is a refreshing green tea sourced from the foothills of The Himalaya with a tantalizing aroma.

·         BLACKPOT: The full bodied English breakfast tea, handpicked from the gardens of Assam is loved by the patrons all around the world.

The bonhomia tea and coffee capsules are readily available in leading grocery stores like Foodhall, Le Marche, Nature’s basket, Modern bazaar and are also available online. So log into the website www.bonhomia.com   and ask for a free demo of their state of the art coffee machine, The Boho and order few of the unique capsules which will become a perfect partner to your living room, boardroom or office this winter

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