Dilli 32 is proof that authentic and traditional flavours can be recreated in a five-star. It is indeed a treat to the taste buds when you indulge in  richness of the authentic Awadhi cuisine at Dilli 32, the Indian Cuisine restaurant at Kempinski Ambience Hotel. A confluence of legendary Indian heritage & meticulous local craftsmanship, Dilli 32 flauntskitchen and a menu that revisits ’The Mughal Era.  The Awadhi and North West Frontier Cuisine create a perfect ensemble of gourmet delicacies that tempts you to explore the light and delicately crafted dishes. The restaurant is all set to take you on a delectable culinary journey to Awadh . The tantalizing aroma and the enticing flavor of these delicacies recreate the magic of the regal cuisine straight from the kitchens of Awadh.

Food Talks

Chef Ashwani Kumar Singh and Chef Rohit Tokhi along with Awadhi food connoisseur Rajkumari Alka Rani Singh of Pratapgarh has recreated the magic of the indulgent Awadhi cuisine. To strart this culinary experience I went straightaway for starters which consisted of an array of kebabs, tikkas and some signature starters of the establishment.


  • Chaat tokri– Quintessential, finger licking lentil dumplings served with white peas, pomegranate & fried betel leaves in potato hash basket.It was indeed interesting to see the balance of spices and temperature maintained in this dish
  • Kathal kastoori tikka: Jack fruit chunks marinated with Bengal gram flour, ginger and dried fenugreek leaves, finished on a sigri
  • Shammi kebab– prepared with minced mutton, raw mangoes and crushed spices. It was tender and flavorful
  • Doodhia kebab– One of the best vegetarian starter comprising of Cottage cheese roundels stuffed with mango chutney, potatoes and shallow fried.
  • Murgh potli kebab– A unique preparation of chicken breast, stuffed with chicken mince, flavoured with saffron and sweet attar, cooked on a sigri


The main course was equally tempting and had a vast variety of dishes each having it’s own distinct taste and flavour.

Shakahari kheechra

  • Rattan manjusha– Is garden fresh spinach dumplings stuffed with mushrooms and honey, simmered in onion and nuts based gravy. It was one of the major highlight of the day for us.
  • Shakahari kheechra– I was told that this is Chef’s personal favourite, pearl barley, wheat and lentil speciality. The lentils , spices ad veggies together made an epic combination.
  • Bater hara salan– A c oriander based gravy with succulent quail, this was a delight to have!
  • Band gosht– This is Dilli 32’s version of this mutton delicacy originates from the streets of Aminabad. The mutton was succulent and the gravy was delicious.  I would highly recommend it.
  • Murg musallam– Whole chicken stuffed with khoya, mint, nuts and eggs. This is the dish according to me which defines the glory of Awadhi cuisine.
  • Dum ki raan– Is basically thewhole leg of lamb marinated with yoghurt, onion, garlic, chilli, fig, lazzat e taam and pot roasted
  • Chilman biryani–A unique preparation of rice and mutton flavoured with saffron, kewra and sealed with puff dough,dum cooked. The quality of rice which was used was extremely satisfying and coming to the taste and the flavours it was just spot on.


The journey ended on a sweet note with some of their signature desserts such as Kacche aam ki Kheer which is an interesting take on Kheer by adding the flavour of raw mango. Jauzi ka halwa was a pudding made with wheat and had an essence of cardamom and saffron. Kishmish aur gond ke laddoo was just like any other Indian household recipe which was giving us a sense of a meal prepared at home.


In a nutshell it is 4.5/5 to this place The special menu will be available at Dilli 32 at INR 1732 plus taxes per person (1900 hrs – 2345 hrs) from 21st August – 30th August, 2015.

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