I recently got invited at Looks Salon, Cyber Hub to try out the new range of APS Cosmetofood. The USP of this product range is that they are made of fresh fruits, nuts and vegetable. Some of their products are even 100% edible! Few people even volunteered to taste their beauty products. (So if you are hungry and you have their products, you have a healthy snacking option too :p).

What I instantly loved about their product range was that none of their product scent was loud. They smelled exactly like a natural product should.



I am currently using two of their products i.e. Tomato Serum and Activated Organic Spring Water. The Tomato Serum is a natural anti-sunburn serum and in Delhi, I think this is a must. Now creams are something that over time you get to know whether they work for your skin or not. So I’ll probably do a separate blog on their creams, after trying out few of them. What really won my heart was their Make Up remover.

APS Cosmetofood

Positioned as a cleanser, APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water works beautifully as a Makeup Remover. I had a major problem with my previous make up remover. Blessed with a combination skin, it is easy to take out the makeup from the skin but eyes have always been a huge problem area. The biggest problem was taking out mascara from my eyelashes.

I am big on mascara and it’s on my daily makeup routine. No matter what makeup remover I used, there was always some product left on my eyelashes. When I tried a little vigorous approach, my eyelashes started coming off on the cotton & I was genuinely worried.

Removing mascara is such a problem

APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water works as a magic! I don’t know about the rest of the face but for my eyelashes I can immediately see the difference. The eyelashes don’t fall off & the complete product i.e. mascara comes off. I have personally recommended this product to a lot of Bride-to-Be’s (as the makeup is quiet extensive at weddings). This product is definitely a new addition in my makeup kit!


Price Points

Tomato Serum – INR 450. To buy click here.

Activated Organic Spring Water- INR 540. To buy click here.

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