Screenshot_2015-06-30-11-02-43~2There is something about Thai cuisine that keeps you coming back for it. Maybe it’s the simplicity that percolates down from the people. There are always some clean cut flavours on offer. Radisson Blu plaza, Mahipalpur’s flagship restaurant, Neung Roi does the same to your palate. Neung Roi means 100 in thai. Reminiscent of the location of the country at 100 degree east longitude, Chef Yenji Suthiwaja’s enthralling creations are a beauty to behold.


The four regions of Thailand each hold their specialities as you taste spicy flavours from Isan, hot and salty dishes from Lanna, seafood and fresh produce from South and the mild, subtle and balanced flavours from the Central Plains.


Without further ado, I’ll jump right into the food. Thod Man Pla is a fish cake with loads of flavour of lemongrass. Served with a cucumber relish, this dish refreshes you from the inside. The Moo Thod Katiem takes some delectable pork belly which is deep fried with garlic and pepper. The thick rubbery texture of the pork belly goes like a dream. The Krachai Gab Goong is a stir fried fresh of mill prawns with the sweetness and acidity of gingers and shallots.



It’s the salads the lay open the heart of Thai cuisine’s freshness. In the salads, we tried the Yam Pak Sod and Som Tum. The Yam Pak Sod is a raw mango salad which combines fresh acidic flavours of the raw mango with the wateriness of the cucumber with carrots and green eggplant. The Som Tum is a raw papaya salad with the earthiness of peanuts, the heat from chillies and salt from soya sauce.Screenshot_2015-06-30-11-03-16~2


In the soup selections, the Tom Yum Goong leaves everything quaking in its wake. A soup filled with freshness of prawns along with a heavy dose of lime flavour in the form of both lemongrass and Kaffir lime infused into it.


The Mains consist of the decadent Gaeng Kiew Wan Pak (Thai Green curry with mixed vegetables). The distinct creaminess from the coconut hits you like a rock as the spices tango with your taste buds. The Pla Neung Manao is a steamed fish with lime chilli sauce. The simplicity of fish gets perfectly accentuated with the even simpler tastes of chilli and sourness. The Goong Thod Ha Rod (Prawns fried in home made five flavour sauce and green coriander) and Phad Pak Boong Fal Dang (Stir fried morning glory with soya bean paste) are two delectable dishes that tingle and tazzle upon your palate. Mix it all up with some sticky rice as you gobble down these delicacies.Screenshot_2015-06-30-11-03-25~2

But it’s their desserts which take your breath away. You will never know that simple rice and mango can be converted into a dessert. The Khao Niew Mamuang does just that. The sticky rice is doused in a sweet and creamy coconut cream while the mangoes add a beautiful aroma and sweet acidity to the dish. Then again, the Tub Tim Krob can make you go crazy. A sweet concoction of coconut and aromatic jasmine syrup with small pieces of water chestnut to give it a chewy texture. A dessert  that makes you ask for repeats.Screenshot_2015-06-30-11-03-36~2

Chef Yenjai Suthiwaja’s food is something that you want to be truly thankful for. An experience worth remembering and sharing.

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