An oasis of calm within the environs of the metropolis is hard to imagine. But The Roseate is here to bust all your myths. With large open lush green areas all around, this hotel is the perfect place to relax even if you are within the confines of a city. The Aheli Spa offers a perfect accompaniment to your rejuvenation. With an impressive spa menu, Aheli is your one stop destination of rejuvenation.

The Aheli Spa

The Aheli Spa has five rooms including three single ones, one couple and a special Hamam which offers the famed Turkish baths. These warm baths are infused with oils and are the perfect place to sweat out toxins post a massage. The spa is characteristic of the hotel, open areas with the Sun streaming in through large windows. I sit down to muse as Spa Director Sushma guides me through the menu over a cup of peppermint tea. I choose the Aheli Signature treatment (INR 6500) which has an amalgamation of therapies all rolled into one.

The Spa Rooms

The spa rooms are tastefully yet minimalistically decorated. A large table takes its place after a two sided dressing table. There are curtained changing rooms along with a lavatory and shower cum steam room. The toiletries are Kama Ayurveda products. The chair for the foot massage has a padding on the back making it really pleasurable when you lie back.

Aheli Signature Massage

The massage starts with a litany of stretching techniques. All those poses you see in spa photographs, yes all of those. My therapist them uses Pine wood oil and slowly starts to ease out the knots. There is serial alternation between using the fingers and forearms for maintaining pressure. She progresses systematically over the back, legs and arms before turning attention to the chest and head.

Do try out the Aheli Signature Massage at the Aheli spa, The Roseate New Delhi to rejuvenate you back and throw you back into the daily grind.

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