Located in the beautiful location of Ambawatta One, admist all the designer boutiques, “Aayna” gave me a very feel good factor as I stepped inside their clinic. “Aayna” has positioned itself as a skin care clinic in the market but the interiors can give any 5-star hotel a run for its money. I was sitting at the reception, sipping my cappuccino, waiting for Dr. Simal Soin. She had apparently performed 2 procedures in the morning and was in a middle of consultation with a client, who had specially traveled from the States after hearing about her services. “Not bad Dr.Simal Soin! It only reads 2pm on my watch and 2 procedures- Absolutely fabulous!!”



After a wait of 15-20 minutes, Seema Hastir (COO, Aayna Clinic) showed up, who took us on a tour of the property! The property is mainly divided in 5 categories- Skin, health, soul healing, salon and a spa. Each and every category is quiet uniquely conceptualized.



AAYNA offers the finest cosmetic dermatology anti-ageing treatments using the latest skincare technology and innovations in the world. They have various treatments like botox, thermage, fillers etc; but the treatment that stood out the morst for me was the Hydra Facial. I had read about the same on a lot of different Medias and knew it works but when I got the opportunity of reading testimonials of clients, I was amazed to see the results. The testimonial that really surprised me was of a young girl who was facing acne problem. She had tried a lot of medicines from a lot of reputed dermatologists in Delhi but got no result. When she came to Dr. Simal Soin, her only request was NO PILL. Dr. Soin recommended Hydra Facial and after 4 sittings, there was 90% visible change (I saw the pics and woahh fabulous change).


Testimonials at AAYNA



To compliment looks and health, AAYNA offers weight loss and lifestyle modification program combines smart dietary regimes; US FDA approved technology and body contouring treatments to melt those annoying bulges and inches.

20160727_141011 copy

Inhouse made meal at AAYNA



AAYNA introduces a world class foot clinic by Margaret Dabbs of London, offering medical pedicures, a first of its type in India. Corn, bunions, warts, cracked feet is treated in a luxurious, painless manner. This is another treatment which quiet impressed me a lot. For people (like my mom) who due to old age, get a lot of dead skin and corns etc, I feel this pedicure is a must. The oils which are used in this treatment helps aiding problem of dryness etc. Dr. Soin assures if you get this pedicure done, you won’t need another one for the next 30-40 days. The treatment is so effective.

20160727_161941 copy

Margaret Dabbs of London foot clinic

AAYNA’s Aesthetic clinic offers the finest facials, forest essential facials, hair spas and luxury oxygen infused pedicures and manicures.



Calming your busy and stressful lives – exploring yourself spiritually, through AAYNA’s workshops and individual sessions by the masters in Reiki, past life regression therapists, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, tarot cards, pranic healing and meditation. This is another unit which quiet impressed me, SOUL HEALING!!




Dr Simal Soin is an internationally respected name in the field of Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dermatology. With extensive training at London and Cambridge University for many years, Dr Soin has been an expert in the field for over 15 years. She is recognized as one of the key opinion leaders in Cosmetic Dermatology by clients, colleagues and media alike.

I met Dr. Simal Soin during lunch, even after 2 surgeries and n-no. of consultations, she greeted us with warmth and a big smile on her lips (quiet impressed by the stamina she got). She told me that the food served during the lunch is made in-house with ingredients from their small vegetable and herb garden and it is complimentary for clients. They can order food and enjoy the same at their terrace.

unnamed (28)

Terrace garden at AAYNA


Dr. Simal Soin educated us on different treatments and how each treatment yields different results if done right. She even told us about various success stories from all over the world. After an hour of detailed powerpoint presentation, I knew about all the new technologies in the market and felt I could become a skin consultant myself (:p).



I got an opportunity of getting underarm laser hair removal done at AAYNA. It takes approximately 5-6 sessions to get the whole treatment done. Underarm hair becomes really thick with waxing and don’t even properly come out. If not done right, it even causes underskin hair and in worst case scenario, small zits. Being such a sensitive area of the body, Dr. Soin recommended me to get this treatment done.

One session takes about 30-40 minutes. I was taken to a room where I changed in a gown. The therapist was sweet and guided me through the treatment thoroughly. She already told me I’ll feel slight heat when thick hair will get pricked, so I wasn’t totally shocked but the prick is quiet bad (not unbearable though). Once all my sessions are over, would definitely write a blog on my experience.

Quiet enjoyed my session at AAYNA, looking forward to my next one! 🙂



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