When it comes to Men’s Fashion, there are a very few options available. A few pairs of denims and a couple of well-fitted suits with some shirts and tees could last you not only for months, but years to come. However, this scenario has changed with the online world exposing us to a plethora of fashion ideas. With this, has arrived a paralyzing amount of choices. And with travelling becoming the latest fad to hit the Indian masses, travelling stylishly is but a necessity these days. So to help you with the same, we present you a few basic items that every male travel blogger must have in his wardrobe this winter season.


The jacket isn’t just the most classic item a guy can own; it’s the most necessary one. It dominates fashion runways and boardrooms. One of the gravest of mistakes you can make is having a jacket that does not fit well. A stylish Black fitted vest can go with almost everything and  should hold a special place in your wardrobe. A jacket protects you from the chill along with giving you loads of places to store your stuff; this one is a must for every travel blogger. Check out these winter jackets online.


A slim fit black jeans is perfect for the transition from day to night. Take one which is a low frill one and you will thank us. A rugged jeans goes a long way Pair it up with a tee for those treks and a casual shirt for a night out at your new destination.


A white or gray coloured solid crew neck t-shirt is perfect for saving up all the difficult sessions. These are going to be your staple wherever you go chasing your wanderlust. Although it sounds pretty simple, it can go horrendously wrong. The hemline should sit just below the waist, the shape should be fitted and the sleeves should be halfway between the shoulder and elbow.


The shoes are the most overlooked item in the wardrobe. Match up some rugged trekking shoes with a belt of matching colour to complete any outfit. Be sure to break them in before taking them out during the travels.


Your rucksack is your lifeline. Everything you carry, it is going to be in your rucksack. Buy a rucksack that’s dependable and tough, and it will keep you warm and dry. Pour in some colour to suit your personality. But the most essential part is judging the weight you can carry. Check out these eye popping rucksack bags.

Now that we have given you the list, go ahead, experiment and let us know what else you’d like on the list.

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