Belonging to the world of gifting, Valentines hold a special place in my heart.  Very few know, I used to officially plan all date nights for my near & dear friends. So after having quiet a lot of hits and few misses, here are my top 10 ideas for this Valentines.

1. Games Night

I recently got the opportunity to customize Jenga game for a couple’s honeymoon with some really naughty dares and this got me thinking of a really naughty date night where the theme is games. You could probably decide on the games which you both as a couple enjoy and the loser probably does whatever the winner wants (:p). If you want, certain games could be always customized, you could visit Extra’s-Invites ‘n’ More for the same.

A games night to remember!




2. Sky Diving

This one is for those who loves adventure. SkyDiving with your loved one, could be an ultimate date idea. The adrenaline rush you’ll get and doing this with your loved one, would only strengthen your bond with them. If you are wondering, “Hello! How do I skydive in Delhi?!”, Sky High India have got the perfect solution to this. Check them out here.

Sky Dive this valentine!



3. Picnic for two

If you are a nature lover, why not pack a picnic basket for two & head out to a garden in Delhi. You could easily head out to Deer Park, Rose Garden, Lodhi Garden etc. You could even head out to archaeological spaces like India Gate, Qutab Minar, Hauz Khas Fort etc to make most of the winter sun.

Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the winter sun!

4. Book a Room

Now I used Lodhi’s premises for a friends bachelors, so we booked one of their rooms and it had a pool. Just imagine a pool in your room. All night long with your partner in a pool. Red roses, candles and champagne- I think we are good to go here!!

One of the many rooms at Lodhi Hotel!

5. Dinner for two

A classic dinner for two never fails! Dress up and go to a fancy place- wine & dine (jaisa filmo mein hota hain :p), trust me it always works. For boys, a big tip- SUIT UP! Become men. Pull the chair for her, hold the door, get flowers etc etc etc. Do these cute things & trust me on this – “being a gentleman never goes out of fashion”. Some of the places I recommend would be Qla, Thai High , Thai House by Kylin, Cafe G-Crowne Plaza Gurgaon and Waterfront-Lodhi. The Imperial is also serving out a plethora of eye popping deals at their restaurants: Spice Route, San Gimigano and 1911.

A classic date idea- staying old school, DINNER FOR TWO!!!




6. Musical/Comic evening

If music is your partners thing, then surprise them with a nice musical evening. The key is finding which type of music he/she is into. For eg. Jazz- Piano Man Safdarjung, Rock- Bandstand, Commercial & Bollywood- FLYP Mtv etc. If you want to do something “cheesy”, you can always ask him/her out by saying “To my valentine, thank you for jazzing up my life! ”; “to the ROCK of my life, lets rock & roll tonight” etc. If comedy is your thing, you could check out People & co., they have standup comedy nights and trust me they are hilarious.

Laughter bonds your relationship. Try a Comedy Club together.




7. Coffee date

Your date has permission issues? Or you have budget issues? :p Either ways a coffee date is a cute idea to take your date out. You can go to regulars like Starbucks, Costa Coffee etc but if you want to try out some new places- would recommend the Blue Tokai, The Rose Café, The Roadhouse Café, Greenr Shahpurjat or Theobrama Cyber Hub. These are the places whose coffee and food I stand by. So it’s a definite try out!

A lot can happen over coffee!!




8. Spa date

In LITT terminology “wanna go mudding with me?” (only applies if you watch SUITS :p). Well there is a different charm of going on a Spa date with your loved one especially if both of lead a busy life. You could check out Amatrra Spa or you could even go to Aayna. Geetanjali salon is running a 20% off on all their services till Valentine’s Day and 25% off for their PRIVE members. If you can’t step out why not call the services at home. You could contact Urban Clap.

A couple that de-stresses together, stays together!




9. Bowling Night

I genuinely don’t know why couples in Delhi dont go bowling together. Its such a fun activity and the good part of bowling places in Delhi is that it comes with video games arena. For me bowling holds a really special place, my dear friends (who met through me) fell in love while playing video games and bowling & they are getting married end of Feb. {See I told you I am good at planning these dates :p}. So go on, order some beer and make loads of memories. Some of the places I recommend in Delhi/NCR are Smaash, Yes Minister etc.

Bowling date nights!



10. Facetime/Skype

Well we all feel the pain when our special/loved one is across cities/countries. So how does one celebrate Valentines with them? Very simple! FaceTime/Skype them. Ask them to dress up and have a nice seating with cutlery etc (or if you like it casual- you can always skip the fuss). Pick one cuisine and you both order the same dishes (almost like going to the same restaurant together). Eat dinner in a candle lit ambiance while facetiming them. Well technology could be a real life savior sometimes!

Romantic ambiance , pop a bottle of bubbly and you are good to go!


So these are my suggestions for the Valentines Night. Let me know your thoughts on the same in the comments section.


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